British glamour model Susanna Francessca Naughty Girl Videos

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Thanks so much to Phil who emailed me these videos that I hadn’t seen before. 

Wow, Susanna, back in the hairy pussy days, before she used to shave her pussy lips, strips naked. In the first video Susanna pushed her ass right up towards the camera, showing her pussy and up her ass cheeks at her ass-hole. Naughty girl, Susanna. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca shows us her ass-hole and pussy.

File size: 55Mbit, Duration: 1 mins 09 seconds.

Susanna takes her panties off and spreads her legs wide,

playing with her pussy.

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca legs spread in stockings.

File size: 68Mbit, Duration: 1 mins 17 seconds.

Susanna takes her panties off, smiles at the camera guy,

then he zooms in to get a close-up of her pussy

as she rubs it. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca close up of her pretty hairy pussy.

File size: 58Mbit, Duration: 1 mins 06 seconds.

Susanna takes her dress off, plays with her pussy 

and her tits. Then she lays back and

spreads her legs nice and wide. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca spreads her legs wide open.

File size: 44Mbit, Duration: 0 mins 49 seconds.