British glamour model Susanna Francessca Naughty Girl Videos

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Susanna has passed out due to drinking too much.

Two guys start to strip her, exposing her tits, stockings and panties. Such fun.

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca drunk and exposed.

File size: 29Mbit, Duration: 2 mins 51 seconds.

Susanna takes her panties off, sits down and spreads her pussy lips open as the camera guy zooms in for a nice close look at her pink inner-flaps. 

It looks like she’s done that for the camera more than a few time. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca spreads her pussy lips wide.

File size: 16Mbit, Duration: 1 mins 36 seconds.

Another pussy lips spreading video from Susanna. 

She’s in a wig and dark glasses, but I’d recognise those lovely tits

and pussy anywhere. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca spreads her pussy lips.

File size: 20Mbit, Duration: 1 mins 59 seconds.

Susanna posing out-takes.

Susanna is photographed topless in stockings and pantyhose.

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca video out-takes in stocking & pantyhose.

File size: 66Mbit, Duration: 1 mins 57 seconds.