British glamour model Susanna Francessca More Abuse Videos

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For those of you who enjoyed seeing Susanna having her body abused on the Susanna Videos 3 page, here are some more.

In the first video, she’s spanked again, this time she’s wearing pantyhose. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca spanked in pantyhose.

File size: 35Mbit, Duration: 0 mins 44 seconds.

This time Susanna is spanked and her legs are bare. The guy pulls her skirt up above her waist, spanks her, then to humiliate her, he pulls her panties down and spanks her again. Then, wow, he puts his hand up between her legs and feels her pussy. It looks like he slipped a finger up her. Only she and he knows, but she does giggle, and it’s fun to watch. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca spanked, panties down.

File size: 52Mbit, Duration: 1 mins 08 seconds.

The next video is so, so sexy. A guy grabs Susanna in the street, strips her off and gropes her lovely tits. 

Wow, she’s done some sexy videos. Surely there must be one of her getting fucked out there, somewhere.  

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca stripped and tits groped.

File size: 7Mbit, Duration: 0 mins 45 seconds.

Oh yes, the lovely Susanna Francessca masturbates to a lovely moaning, groaning orgasm. Many thanks to P. Sutcliffe for his kind permission to include this clip here, granted some years ago in agreement between him and S. Leith, in exchange for reduced motorhome rental fees. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca masturbates to orgasm.

File size: 14Mbit, Duration: 1 mins 23 seconds.