British glamour model Susanna Francessca Striptease Videos

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I hope you’ve all enjoyed seeing Susanna stripping naked, seeing her beautiful legs in the up-skirt videos, and seeing her being abused. 

But she also did some stronger videos that I hope you’ll  enjoy. 

In the first video below, well, I was part of the crew there that day it was being shot. It was part of a porn video. Unfortunately the director tried to talk Susanna into being fucked on camera but she’d only agree to doing a solo-girl set. 

The director told her to wear stockings, high-heels and nothing else. She was hanging around the set waiting for a long while and all the crew and the studs were getting a good look at her tits and pussy.

Eventually it was her turn. We get a lovely close look at the entrance to her vagina as she opens her pussy up for us. The camera guy did a great job zooming in for a close-up.

I was part of the crew watching her, so I’ve seen those pretty tits and that tempting pussy hole, right in front of me. 

Here you are then guys - here’s a nice close look at Susanna Francessca’s vagina…..

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca spreads her pussy. 

File size: 12Mbit, Duration: 1 mins 12 seconds.

This is a lovely video of Susanna Francessca stripping out of

an army-girl outfit.

I love the way that, once she’s naked, she gets a water bottle

and rubs water all over her tits and pussy. She looks great naked. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca army-girl naked strip.

File size: 34Mbit, Duration: 3 mins 24 seconds.

Susanna is in her studio and doing a photo-shoot.

She slowly strips off as some guy takes pictures of her.

He soon has her get her tits out and take pictures of her showing them.

Then he tells her to take her panties off.

She doesn’t hesitate and gets naked in front of him.

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca naked photo-shoot. .

File size: 41Mbit, Duration: 4 mins 11 seconds.

I know that Susanna used to strip in bars and clubs around the Birmingham area of the UK.It looks like this was from a live performance and she’s really enjoying stripping naked in front of guys.

Here she does a pole-dance, or rather, dances around a pole.  Lovely. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca stripclub striptease. 

File size: 36Mbit, Duration: 3 mins 34 seconds.

What a wonderful, sexy girl Susanna Francessca is. 

What a great model.  What lovely tits. What a lovely pussy. And not at all shy about showing it all.