British glamour model Susanna Francessca Exposed Videos

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Let’s see some guys having  fun with Susanna’s body. 

There’s some guys exposing her, one groping her and quite a bit of spanking.

Susanna giggles with pleasure, at least in the first three videos, so she must be enjoying having her body being abused and used. Not so much in the spanking one, though, where her body is really abused!!!

In the first video a guy pulls Susanna’s dress up above her waist, exposing her lovely legs in pantyhose. Oh no, Susanna Francessca, you haven’t got any panties on. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca pantyhose exposed.

File size: 7Mbit, Duration: 0 mins 47 seconds.

A guy pulls Susann’s mini-skirt up, exposing her black panties.

Again she’s giggling and doesn’t care who sees her. 

At least she’s wearing panties, today (shame!!!). 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca tiny panties exposed. 

File size: 8Mbit, Duration: 0 mins 50 seconds.

Some guys certainly like to embarrass girls, don’t they.

I mean, who would start a camera then get a girl in a tiny mini-skirt to stand with her back to it and then expose the girl’s legs in pantyhose and no panties.

Then to run his hands all over the cheeks of her bottom and have a great grope of her?

And what giggling girl would happily let him? Susanna Francessca, of course. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca pantyhose groped.

File size: 13Mbit, Duration: 1 mins 17 seconds.

Susanna is a naughty secretary who hasn’t met her targets. Her manager offers her the choice of being dismissed from her job, or being spanked. 

Fortunately for us, she chooses the punishment, being spanked wearing stockings.

Now, I’ve known models who love being spanked and, despite the ‘Oh no, Owww’, I wonder if Susanna is one of them.  The guy certainly has fun with her body. 

VIDEO: Susanna Francessca spanked.

File size: 35Mbit, Duration: 0 mins 43 seconds.

What a wonderful, sexy girl Susanna Francessca is. 

She’s happy to be exposed, groped and spanked. What a great model.