Susanna Francessca true story 3

Susanna lets a man masturbate looking at her naked body, true story.

This was told to me by a friend who used to date and photograph Susanna Francessca. This is what he said:

“We were on holiday in Portugal, staying in a villa. We’d hired a car and when the guy who delivered it to us at our villa arrived, we asked him if there were any secluded beaches nearby where we could do a nude photoshoot. He told us where a place was, but warned us that the beach was in two parts and we could get into the more secluded part by going through a gap in the cliff wall that was between them, but we must watch out since the gap was covered at high-tide. 

He also warned us that there was a huge man who lived in a cave that was high up in the cliff-face that faced the water. He said that he spent most of the day lifting rocks to stay strong, but although he was scary, he’d never attacked anyone.

Susanna and I drove there the next morning, very early. Sure enough, just as he’d told us, we walked across one beach, through a gap in the cliff and into a second beach. We looked around and, yes, there was a cliff at the back of the beach and what looked like caves in it, but no sight of a huge creature. 

Susanna changed into a few different outfits and we took some pictures. Like these:

Susanna ended up naked, of course. Well, with a beautiful body like she’s got, it’d be a shame not to show it off, wouldn’t it.

We were just taking the final naked pictures of her when she looked past me and said ‘Ohhhhhh, there’s that caveman that he warned us about…….. and he’s naked……..Oh no, he’s playing with himself, looking at my body’.

I started to glance around behind me, but only quickly enough to see some huge guy outside one of the caves. I really didn’t want to see some guy with an erection wanking-off looking at my girlfriend, even though I guess that thousands of men have, looking at her in men’s magazines that she’d posed for, with her legs spread wide. 

Susanna said ‘Ohhh, he’s pulling on it really hard, looking at me naked’. I said ‘Do you want to quickly put some clothes on?’

Susanna, well, yeah, she’s so much of an exhibitionist, said ‘Oh no. I want him to see me naked’ and she moved her legs apart a bit’. She said ‘Ohhhh his penis is huge. He really likes my body’.

Then she gasped again and said ‘Ohh he’s squirting it right up in the air. Wow, there’s so much of it coming out of him’

She was standing there, totally naked, with her back arched so her tits were pushed out towards him and her legs astride, with a big smile on her face as some caveman ejaculated at the sight of her body. 

After a minute, she smiled and said ‘Okay, he’s finished. I might as well put some clothes on now’. She sounded a bit disappointed that it was over. 

On the way back to the villa in the car, Susanna was really quiet. I asked her if she was okay. She said ‘Oh yeah, definitely. I’ve never let a man masturbate looking at my body before. But that was really fun. I mean, photographers have asked if I minded them wanking looking at me and I’ve always refused, but that was so sexy to see a man ejaculating like that, looking at me naked’.

 We got back to the villa and Susanna went upstairs to one of the bedrooms to strip off so she could go down to the swimming pool and sunbathe. She walked back downstairs, naked and into the kitchen where I was. The door from the kitchen led out onto a patio where there was a small garden. She walked to the door, opened it, still naked and looked out. She said..

‘There’s that old man, the gardener, pulling up some weeds or something’, then she giggled and said ‘If he looks around, he’s going to see me naked’. I walked up behind her, put my arms around her waist, grabbed her tits and said ‘And if he looks around now, he’ll see you having your boobs felt’. Susanna struggled a little bit then giggled. 

She struggled free, hesitated, then said ‘Well I don’t care. I’m going down to the pool to sunbathe. If he sees me naked that’s too bad’. She walked out of the kitchen door and towards the steps that led down to the pool. She old guy looked up at Susanna. She didn’t hesitate. She said ‘Hello, lovely day, isn’t it’ and walked past him, totally naked. I don’t suppose he understood a word of that, but he certainly had a good look at her naked body as she walked by him. 

I went upstairs in the villa. Right at the top was an open area. From there I could see that Susanna was laying back on a sun-lounger naked with her legs apart a bit. The old gardener had found some weeds right at the edge of the garden on the level above her. And, very slowly he was pulling them up, but looking down at Susanna’s tits and pussy at the same time. She didn’t care. 

She’d told me a while before that she had photographer clients who were elderly and she’d posed men’s magazine-style for them. I guess that once you’d got used to spreading your legs wide for one old guy, it didn’t matter much how many more old guys enjoyed seeing your tits and pussy.

That evening we went out to a restaurant for food and drinks. The subject ended up going back to photographers getting erections looking at here when she was posing naked. She said ‘I don’t ming them getting stiff. It’s a compliment in a way that they like my figure. Some of them go off to the toilet and I know they masturbate in there because they’ve told me. Others have told me that they  go home and masturbate looking at my pictures. I like the thought of that’.

Oh yes, that’s the lovely Susanna Francessca, a total, utter, wonderful exhibitionist”.