Susanna Francessca true story 3.

This is a true story, with pictures, of the first time Susanna did a pussy-spreading photo-shoot. It was sent to me by the assistant to the photographer who took the pictures, along with scans of the images so I can publish them here. He doesn’t want to be named, so let’s call him Dave. The photographer’s initials are JR, so I’ll just use that. Here’s the story that Dave sent to me…..

“We’d booked Susanna for a men’s magazine photo-shoot. She arrived at the studio right on time. I opened the door, and oh yes, she has on a strappy low-cut top, a tiny mini-skirt and heels. I invited her in and introduced her to JR. We sat on a sofa on one side of a coffee table and Susanna sat down on the sofa at the other side. I could see right up her mini-skirt to her white panties. She must have known, but just didn’t care that I was looking. 

JR asked for her portfolio. She stood up a bit and lent forward to pass it to him. As she did, her top opened up a bit and JR and I could see right down it to her bare tits. She realised how much she was showing and giggled. She said ‘Oh well, I’ve shown you my boobs already and we haven’t even started the photoshoot yet’. JR said ‘Very nice Susanna, and your nipples are already hard’. She laughed and said ‘That’s because they like being looked at’.

JR opened Susanna’s portfolio. The first pictures was of her looking very sexy, but with clothes on. Susanna said ‘You can turn over a few pages if you like. The first few pictures are of me with clothes on. I expect you want to see the ones of me topless and naked, and there are lots of those further on’. 

We looked through the pictures. There were a couple where she had her legs spread, showing her pussy and her body looked great. JR said ‘Susanna, these are all very nice and your figure is just perfect, but, look, to get published these days, you’ve got to do pinky shots, you know, where you are spreading your pussy open. Are you okay to do that?’

Susanna said ‘Oh yes, I’ll do that. I mean I haven’t posed like that for any photographers, but I know I’ll need to spread it for you. I’ve shown it to boyfriends, you know, with it open, but, well, that’s a bit boring, isn’ it. It’ll be much more fun to show it to the two of you, you know, men I’ve only just met, and for thousands of men to see it when the pictures are published. I really like the idea of lots of men seeing me showing it open’.

Well, this was going to be fun. 

JR said ‘That’s brilliant then. Okay, Dave, show Susanna the changing room and lets start of with the white stockings and the blue dress. We’ll leave the red outfit until later’.

I showed Susanna to the changing room. I said ‘There’s the first outfit on the table there. Your makeup is fine. I’ll close the door on the way out and leave you to change’. Susanna said ‘Oh you don’t need to close the door. I don’t mind if you see me changing. I’ve changed right in front to photographers before. It doesn’t bother me if they see me’.

Wow, this was getting better and better. 

I went to check the strobe lights settings in front of the bed set. JR waited a moment then walked over to where I was, pausing to look into the changing room where Susanna was already stripping off. I heard him say ‘Nice tits, Susanna’ and I heard her giggle. 

A few moments later Susanna walked out and over to the bed set. JR picked up his camera and Susanna started to pose. By only the third picture, Susanna pulled over her panties to one side to show us her pussy, and for the next picture she pulled the top of her dress and her bra down to show us her tits. (Here are the first few pictures).

JR said ‘Well, Susanna, it certainly didn’t take you long to get your tits and pussy out for us, did it?’

Susanna laughed and said ‘Well that’s what you want to see, isn’t it. And that’s what the men who buy the magazines will want too, to see a girl’s boobs and what she looks like between her legs’.

Just a few pictures later Susanna had taken her panties off and lay back on the bed and thrust her pussy up in the air. Then she said ‘I’d better hold it open for you, hadn’t I’, and she spread it wide open for us. JR took the picture, then, as he usually did, said ‘That’s a nice pose, stay like that Susanna’. She kept her pussy lips open and JR lowered the camera down from his face and looked directly as Susanna’s open pussy. 

He said ‘Oh yes, you’ve got a really pretty one’. Susanna said ‘Do you think so? Do you like the way I look there? And, the men who buy the magazines, do you think they’ll like seeing it?’

JR said ‘Hold it open a bit lower down, so I can see your hole’. Susanna did and sure enough, she showed us the entrance to her vagina. She said ‘Oh this is so sexy. I really like showing it to you both. I feel so naughty and so sexy.  It’s lovely to look at your faces and see that your eyes are looking at me there, and I know how much I’m showing you’. 

Over the next few moments, Susanna spent most of the time posing with her pussy held open. (Here are the pictures).

Then JR stood up and said ‘Okay that’s great. Now let’s do the second photoset’. Susanna went and changed. 

I won’t bore you with all the pictures from the red outfit set, but here are the best ones, where Susanna is showing more and more of her spread pussy…….

At the end of the photo-shoot, JR paid Susanna her modelling fees. She was so happy and said ‘You know, that was the best photo-shoot that I’ve ever done. I loved holding it open and showing it to you. If you want me back for another time, I’d love to pose for you again’. She gave me her phone number and I promised to ring her when either of the two sets were published.

The red outfit set was published about three months later.  I phoned her and told her the name of the magazine. She said ‘Thanks, but I already know. I was in my local newsagent yesterday and I saw a man take a magazine off the top shelf and look through it. I was standing a bit behind him so he didn’t know I was there. Suddenly he stopped and, I couldn’t believe it, he was looking at a picture of my, almost naked with my legs spread wide and holding my bits open. It was so sexy to see a man looking at a picture of me showing my boobs and my open bits. Then he turned the page over and there was a huge close-up picture of me between my legs holding my bits wide open. He bought the magazine and left the shop. There was another copy on the shelf and I bought it. The shop keeper must have thought I was a lesbian or something. I got it home and the pictures are so lovely. I’m showing so, so much in them, but I really like them. I’m a naughty girl, aren’t I’.

So, that’s the story behind these lovely pictures of Susanna Francessca”.

But let’s not forget that she also did a pussy-spreading video at about the same point in her career. Here it is.  12Mb and 1 min 12 seconds of pure naughtiness….