Please click on an image to enlarge it. Susanna is such a sexy, naughty girl.

The photographer who took these pictures told me:

“I’d wanted a model to do some pussy-flashing pictures for me, for publication in a magazine that I used to shoot for. I’d phoned a few and their weren’t interested. Then I contacted Susanna. She agreed without hesitation. I told her that the pictures were to be shot at a friend’s place, the following Friday and, since it was his place and his birthday, would it be okay if he watched. She said  ‘Yes that’d be fine. Anyway it will be a lovely treat on his birthday, won’t it, to see a girl’s boobs and bits’.

On the day of the photo-shoot we got to my friend’s place and I introduced Susanna to him (Jeff). Susanna got changed into the outfit that I wanted her to wear and we showed her to the play area. She said ‘You told me that you wanted me to flash my bits from the very first picture, so here you both are..’ 

She reached up under her skirt, half-pulled her panties down, sat on the swing, pulled her skirt up and spread her legs. She had a lovely, naughty look  on her face, knowing that Jeff was getting a look at her pussy lips. From then on, she showed us more and more of her lovely body, getting into some very revealing poses as I took pictures and Jeff watched…….

As I took the picture where she’s on her hands and knees, Jeff squatted down right behind her. Susanna looked around at him and said ‘Do you like what I’m showing you, Jeff?’ He said ‘Oh yes Susanna. Your body is so beautiful and, yes, I’m having a really good look at it all’. 

  Then I took two more pictures. In the second one Susanna was on the grass, her panties around her thighs and her legs lifted up and spread wide. As soon as I’d taken the picture, Jeff said ‘Ohh, please stay like that for a minute Susanna’. She looked at him and smiled as he squatted down right in front of her and got a great, close look at her pussy and ass. She said ‘There you are,Jeff, a special birthday pose for you’. She stayed in that pose, showing it all off to a grateful Jeff. 

Susanna said ‘Do you like seeing me there, with it all on show for you?’ Jeff said ‘Oh yeah, I love seeing a girl’s thighs above her stocking-tops and her pussy lips. That’s a perfect pose’. 

Then she stood up, took her skirt off, pulled her panties down to her thighs and pulled her left tit out of her bra, so her nipple was showing.

After I took the picture, I said ‘That’s it Susanna, I’ve got all the pictures that I need’. She looked a bit disappointed and said ‘But I haven’t got my boobs out properly yet, and it is Jeff’s birthday’. I said ‘Well, yeah, take your blouse and your bra off then’. She looked pleased and took them off, looked down at her boobs and realised that her long hair was covering them up, hooked her thumbs into her hair and pushed it back behind her shoulders. 

She stood in front of Jeff with her back arched so her tits were pushed right out towards him and said ‘There you are Jeff, there’s my boobs for your birthday’.  He stood there, right in front of Susanna,  and stared at her tits. 

After the photo-shoot I was paying Susanna her modelling fees and Susanna said ‘I loved the photo-shoot today. It was such fun and I really enjoyed showing my body off to Jeff’. I gave him a really good look at me, didn’t I’,

I said ‘You’re a real tease, aren’t you’. Susanna giggled and said ‘Yeah, I suppose. Sometimes it’s nice for a girl to show her body off to a man she’s only just met for the first time’. 

What a sexy girl she is. And yeah, a tease, a really cock-teaser”.

Contributors of pictures to this site have told me that Susanna seems to love showing her pussy off. And these pictures show that. She’s offering up her pussy to the camera, or maybe the cameraman !!

Susanna shows off her tits and pussy for a photographer, She’s loving showing off her body knowing that millions of men will enjoy seeing her.

Susanna pulls her panties over to show off that inviting pussy.