British glamour model Susanna Francessca

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Some of these pictures were taken at a group photo-shoot. The great thing about doing a photo-shoot with 6 or more other guys is that while the girl is posing for one photographer, the others can all stand either side of him and watch the model as she gradually strips off. So they just run their eyes all over the girl’s body and don’t have to concentrate on taking pictures.

Someone I know once asked Susanna whether she liked doing group photo-shoots, since the guys who were waiting their turn to photographer her, were having a  great look at her tits and pussy as she posed.

He told me that Susanna said ‘I don’t mind at all. Yes, I know they are all looking at my boobs and my bits, but I enjoy that. That’s why I became a glamour model, so I can show my body off to as many men as possible’. 

He said ‘Then she giggled and said’.  ‘I do a group photo-shoot at an army camp every few months, so I have about 10 soldier men who get to have a good look at me. I love that. And, there are always a couple of officers who find an excuse to come in to ‘check everything is okay’. They always stay for a while until they’ve seen me naked. 

And it’s always different officers, every time. By now I’m sure every senior officer in the whole camp has seem me completely naked. I love them looking at me. I know their eyes are going all over my body and it makes me feel so, so sexy’.

What, like this, Susanna?????