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Susanna Francessca photo-shoot in front of 13 men

These pictures are from a photo-shoot where a camera-club group of 12 guys and the organiser booked Susanna at her Warwick studio to do a topless and naked photo-shoot of her. The man organising it said to Susanna “Look, let’s start off with you topless, okay. I mean, wear some shorts or something and high-heels, then after a while, get naked, okay?”

Susanna said ‘Yeah, no problem. I think that I’ll know what you’ll like. I’ve got some ‘Hello Boys’ hotpants. You’ll like them’.

She went into the changing room then a few moments later she came out and walked across the room, topless, with her pretty tits jiggling around, then she stood there, with those lovely tits out in front of everyone. The organizer said ‘Oh wow, Susanna, just look at your body. You look amazing, doesn’t she, guys’. 

All they guys looked at her body and said things like ‘Lovely tits, Susanna’, ‘Amazing legs’, Wow, your body is fantastic’…. Susanna just stood there, bare tits and her fantastic body on show to them and said  ‘That’s so nice of you all. I’m really going to enjoy this’, then she looked down at her, well, hot-pants or panties, or whatever and said ‘Don’t worry boys, I won’t have these on for more than a minute or two. You’ve been so nice that I want to get naked in front of you all, very soon’. 

So, here’s the first few pictures they took of her - and, pretty soon, sure, she got naked in front of them…..

Then she looked around at all of us smiled and aid ‘Okay boys, I’m going to take these off now. I know you want to see me naked’.

She took her Hello Boys hot-pants off and stood there, naked, in front of us and she said ‘There you are, boys, that’s what you want to see, isn’t it’. And she posed naked for the first guy, standing with her legs apart, not caring at all that we were looking at her pussy lips. 

Yeah, she was posing for the guy with he camera, but every few pictures, she would look around at us, making sure that all of us were looking at either her tits or her pussy. 

She was smiling, loving it that our eyes going all over her naked body.

One-by-one, we all got to take our turn at photographing Susanna Francessca, naked, then when the last guy had taken his pictures, Susanna said ‘What about a different outfit, and, these shoes are really painful to wear. It’ll still be very revealing, I promise you;. 

We all agreed and Susanna went into the changing-room. A minute later she came out, still topless and still with her tits jiggling as she walked back onto the set, wearing some sexy high-heels and a pair of tiny lacy panties. She had a jacket on, but it was wide open, showing off her titties.

The organiser said ‘WOW Susanna, you look amazing’. She said  ‘That’s so nice. I’m loving this photo-shoot. I’m loving getting naked in front of you all’…..

And for each one of us, she made sure that she gave us at least one picture of her bent over with her back to the camera, giving us a great look at her pussy lips, between her legs.  That one is in my personal wank-bank!!!!!

I remember that the time she did that for the first photographer, one photographer behind her said ‘Oh wow’, another said ‘Oh yeah’, another said ‘So pretty’. 

Susanna laughed and said That’s nice of you. Well, that is what you want to see, isn’t it’. She turned to face us, naked apart from her high-heels, stood with her hands on her hips and her legs astride, tits and pussy on show. My eyes were going up and down her body, drinking in the sight of all that naked flesh. 

She stood there and looked around the room at our faces. I guess she saw that every guy’s eyes were going all over her.

She said ‘That’s nice. I like you all looking at my naked figure’. 

She was smiling and genuinely enjoying having 13 guys, with their eyes going all over her naked body.

I remember that I had a huge stonking, throbbing erection pushing at the front of my jeans with it trying to escape, looking at all that lovely naked flesh. I guess all the other guys did, too, but Susanna pretended not to notice, although probably pleased that 13 guys all wanted to bang her, right at that moment 

Again, we all took it in turns to photograph Susanna. She wasn’t at all shy about opening her legs and showing her pussy-lips for us. She just seemed so happy to be getting naked in front of us. 

At the end of the photo-shoot, we all started packing up out cameras and the organiser paid Susanna her modelling and studio hire fees. She was naked apart from her high-heel shoes. I heard the organiser say to Susanna ‘That’s really nice that you’re still naked’. Susanna laughed and said ‘Well, I’ve been naked in front of you all for a few hours now, so you’ve all seen me. In any case, I like being naked in front of you all.  It’s nice with you all looking at my figure’.

A few minutes later I saw Susanna talking to a group of three photographers, still naked, as they were squatted down, packing their cameras away. I heard one of them say: ‘Susanna, do you do men’s magazine shoots? I mean, you know, legs spread wide? I’d book you for a photo-shoot like that, if you’d do it’

Susanna said ‘Yeah, I’d do that. Look, let me give you my card and you can ring me and we can talk about it. I mean, I’ll show you what you want to see, I promise’.

Susanna is such an amazing model. I would have loved to have seen the pictures from that men’s magazine photo-shoot that she did. Maybe they’ll appear online one day”.