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Well, if you’ve read the first story about how sexy exhibitionist Susanna showed her body off to two guys in her studio on the page HERE on this site, you won’t be surprised to read the next true story about her exhibitionism. Here we go… As told to me by the same photographer….

“I’d phoned Susanna to book another photo-shoot with her. She seemed keen to ask me something. Finally she said ‘Are you going to bring two more different, gorgeous men with you, like last time, so I can show myself off to them?’ 

I said ‘These two are even better looking’. Susanna sounded so happy. She said ‘Oh good. This’ll be so much fun’. 

On the day I brought Clive and Jeff with me. Susanna opened the door to us at the side of the studio building in Warwick (UK). She looked at Clive and Jeff and smiled. She approved, I guess.

We went upstairs to her studio and as I set up my camera gear, Susanna went into the changing room. 

A few moments later Susanna came out, only wearing a tiny bra, g-string and, weirdly, socks.

I said ‘Well, you haven’t got much on Susanna, have you’. 

She smiled and said ‘I did think about wearing a top, but you would just have taken one picture with me wearing it and then told me to take it off’.

I took the first two pictures of Susanna, yes, just two, then Susanna said ‘I think I’d better take my bra off now. Jeff and Clive have been waiting an age to see my boobs, haven’t you, boys’.

And, just like that, she unhooked her bra, pulled it down and arched her back a bit, thrusting her tits out towards us…….

Well, Susanna wasn’t at all shy about displaying her tits to Jeff and Clive. As she got into different poses, after I took eack picture, I saw Susanna glance across at them with a little smile on her face as they looked at her tits. 

Clive said ‘Hell, girl, just look at your tits. They’re lovely. You’ve got fantastic tits’. . Susanna smiled and said ‘That’s nice of you. I’m glad you like them. I’d rather you called them ‘boobs’, but, anyway, if you think that they are pretty, then I I like you looking at them. And what about what I’m going to show you next?’

And, sure enough, after only posing for three topless pictures, Susanna took her panties off and she said ‘There you are boys, I know you like my boobs, but that’s what you really want to see, isn’t it’. 

Oh yes, Susanna was showing them her pussy and she was loving it.

Over the next few pictures, Susanna posed so that her pussy was more and more on show to them.

I glanced at Clive and Jeff. There eyes were roaming all over Susanna’s body, looking at her tits, then down to her pussy. I looked back at Susanna. She was smiling and looking at them between each picture that I took, enjoying having  her body being looked at. 

Clive said ‘Go on Susanna, open your legs a bit wider. Give us a good look at it’…and she did…

She said ‘Okay, if that’s what you want to see, here it is for you to look at’. And, yeah, she spread her legs wide, showing off her shaved pussy lips to them, and loving them looking at her between her legs.

I took the final picture of Susanna and switched the camera off. Susanna kept as she was, lying back with her tits and pussy on show. She was looking at Clive and Jeff. She said ‘There you are then boys. Have you seen all of me that you wanted to?’

Clive and Jeff’s eyes were going all over Susanna’s naked body.

Clive said ‘Go on, open your legs really, really wide for us’.

Susanna didn’t hesitate. She smiled and spread her legs as wide as she could. Her pussy lips gave up the struggle to stay closed together. What a pretty view of her inner flaps she gave us.

And, she didn’t have to spread her legs so wide that her pussy lips opened up for them to see, but she did - and she really enjoyed showing it off to them. Yes, that’s  the wonderful, sexy Susanna Francessca”.

If anyone thinks that such a beautiful girl wouldn’t show herself off like that, here she is, really holding it open. A different day, a different photoshoot, in a wig and dark glasses, spreading it nicely…….