Slutty Sarah story 3. 

 Ex-girlfriend Sarah, true story 3

My ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend is now really pissed off by these true stories about her. Well, let me see if I can annoy him even more, by telling all you guys about how she flaunted her naked body to two guys.

I used to be a keen amateur photographer and for my birthday, Sarah agreed to model for me at a photographic studio in the city of Bath, in the UK.

She said ‘Let’s take a bottle of wine with us. I loose my inhibitions a lot more after a drink or two’. And, oh boy, did she! We arrived at the studio and were greeted by the two guys who ran it, one old, one in his 20’s. They had set the photographic flash units up and made sure my camera would set them off okay, then left us to it. 

Sarah went into the changing room and a few moments later came out in a short black dress that had the thinnest possibly shoulder straps and, pretty obviously no bar underneath it. She’d had a glass or two of wine while she was changing so that she wouldn’t be nervous about showing off her body for the camera.

She started to pose in a really sexy way, letting the shoulder straps slowly fall down. I fired away, taking more and more pictures of her, as she gradually exposed more and more of her beautiful, big, bouncy breasts. After a few more pictures the top of her dress was down round her waist and she was thrusting her breasts out towards my camera lens. 

Then she said ‘You know, I don’t think both of the flash units are going off every time. I’m not sure, but maybe you ought to get those men in so they can make sure it’s all working okay’. By them, she’d had three or four glasses of wine and was getting a bit drunk, and it was obvious that she wanted to show off her body to some random men who she’d only just met. I said ‘Okay, I’ll ask them to come in and check both flashes are going off as I photograph you. Are you going to cover yourself up?’ Sarah looked down at her bare breasts and, a bit reluctantly, pulled the top of her dress up and slipped one shoulder strap up, although the other breast was hardly covered and was almost hanging out. One nipple was certainly showing.

I left the studio and found the men in a back room. I told them that Sarah thought both flash units might not be going off and could they come and check. The younger guy said ‘Uh, well, the girl, I mean she’s got all of her clothes on, right? I mean she won’t want us to see her body, will she’. I laughed and said ‘Look, my girlfriend’s an exhibitionist. I don’t know what she’ll show you. She’s unpredictable at the best of times and now she’s had a few drinks…., well…”

They looked pleased at that and came into the studio. Sarah was just knocking back another glass of wine, still with one breast almost out. I said that the guys would watch for a minute to check if the lights were okay, and Sarah started to pose, as the guys half watched the lights, but really were looking at Sarah’s half-covered tit. 

After a couple of pictures Sarah said ‘Well, I’d better start posing like I was’ and she shrugged the shoulder that the one shoulder-strap was on, and it fell off. As it did the whole of the top of her dress fell down, right to her waist, and her beautiful big breasts were just naked, right in front of us.

The younger guy said ‘Oh wow, now those are really, really beautiful’. Sarah said ‘Do you think so. I mean you both must see lots of girl’s tits in here, but do you think mine are really nice?’ I knew Sarah was drunk then. She only ever said the word tits, when she was really out of it.

I glanced at them both and they were just staring and staring at my girlfriend’s naked breasts. The only one said ‘Well, they are the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been photographing girls for the last 40 years’. Sarah looked so pleased and said ‘Well, that’s so nice. In that case, I’m going to let you have a really good look at them, for as long as you want to’. Then she turned to the younger guy and said ‘What about you, do you like them too? They’re quite bouncy, look’, and she jiggled them for him, bouncing them up and down a bit, that she would never do for me, even in private. He said ‘Amazing, just so beautiful. But just jiggle them a bit more’. She did, just bouncing them up and down for him. She said ‘Why do men like seeing girl’s tits wobbling around? You are lucky, I never do that for men. Anyway let’s get back to the pictures’.

She posed so, so sexily and eventually the dress came off and she was there, just in a tiny black g-string and high-heel shoes. Then one of the guys said ‘Look, the flash units seem to be going off okay. If you want us to, we can leave you to it’. Sarah said ‘Oh you don’t have to go. I don’t mind you seeing me showing it all off. Anyway, I’m going to change now and you might like what I’m going to wear next. Not that it’s going to cover up very much of me’. Then, clutching her wine glass and what was left in the bottle, she walked into the changing room, her breasts bouncing around as she walked. The younger man said ‘Look, if she’s your girlfriend, maybe she doesn’t mind us seeing her body, but maybe you do?’ I said ‘She was an exhibitionist when I first knew her and it’s not up to me to change her. Anyway, it doesn’t bother me at all’

A minute later Sarah walked out of the changing room. Wow. All she was wearing was the high-heel shoes and thin, see-through, really sheet, black tights (I know most of the rest of the world know them as pantyhose). The tights were completely seamless and her thin strip of pussy hair was on show through the thin nylon. She stood there in front of us, put her hands on her hips and said ‘Well, what do you think, guys? I know they’re very transparent, but I thought you might like that’.

All three of us just ran our eyes up and down her body. She smiled at the look on our faces and said ‘I guess that’s a yes-you-do-like-it look on all your faces’.

She posed really seductively, sometimes sat down, with her legs not tightly closed at all, so the guys could see her pussy lips through the thin nylon. One she looked down in mock horror and said ‘Oh no. Look what I’m showing. Aren’t I a naughty girl’. With that she opened her legs a bit wider.

Then she said ‘Right, if you liked that outfit, you’ll really like the next one. You are going to stay to watch, aren’t you’, she said to both of them.  She was in the changing room for just a few minutes, then she walked out and stood in front of us. She was wearing the thinnest possible black suspender-belt, sheet black stockings and high-heel shoes, but no panties.

She just had that thin strip of hair, leading down to her pussy lips that were clearly on show to us. She said ‘Well, you’ve seen everything I’ve got now, guys’.

She started to pose again. Now, even though she’d been my girlfriend for almost a year by then, she’d never shown me her pussy, so I didn’t think she’d been showing it to two complete strangers, one well old enough to be her father, but she did. She didn’t hide it from them at all. Okay, she didn’t spread her legs wide like the girls in men’s magazines, but we could clearly see it. Her little pink clitoris was poking through her pussy lips and I would have loved to have gone over then and licked and sucked it right in front of them. I guess they would both have loved to do that to her as well. 

The younger guy said to Sarah ‘You look fantastic. You are beautiful, you’ve got a fantastic body and you certainly know how to pose, to show it off the best. Once you’ve finished, could I take a few pictures of you? if you let me photograph you, we won’t charge you for the studio hire today’.

Sarah looked at me. I shrugged. I didn’t care. Sarah said ‘Come on then. Get your camera now before I change my mind and she lifted the wine bottle up and took a big drink from what was left. 

The guy was back in the room in no time and plugged his camera into the flash units. Sarah posed, but sat with her legs pointing sideways, so he couldn’t see her pussy. After about 10 pictures, Sarah said ‘Oh come on then. I know what you really want me to show. You men, you all want to see what a girl looks like between her legs. Well, this is what I look like’. She was really drunk by then and sat back and spread her legs. Her pussy lips were a bit apart and her clitoris and inner flaps were really on show now and she looked really wet there. 

I thought it was really funny with her showing it off to them,  knowing I’d get my finger up that vagina  later that day, and then I’d have my cock up there a few moments later. They might have pictures of her pussy, but I’d be the one pounding it in just a couple of hours. 

The younger guy was taking pictures of her and the older one was squatted down right next to him, having a good look at Sarah’s pussy, getting as close as he could.

I could see the younger guys was zooming the camera lens in to get a close-up of Sarah’s pussy. 

Sarah got into some very revealing poses, maybe showing more than she know she was showing, but I was enjoying the sight, too. Eventually the photographer said ‘Well, that was amazing. Would you mind if we had a picture taken alongside you, one of us on each side?’ Sarah said ‘Okay by me, but I want one taken with our camera too, so lets take a few’. The two of them went and stood either side of Sarah, putting their arms around her waist. I picked up their camera and took a picture, then picked up mine, plugged it into the flash unit and took a few for me.

I noticed that the guys, as they had their hands around Sarah’s waist, had their hands up quite high, so that their index fingers were touching the underneath of Sarah’s tits. She either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

 Then it all finished. Sarah went back into the changing room and the two guys switched off the equipment. Sarah came back out and she was wearing the shortest possible skirt and a low-cut top, obviously braless. One of the guys said ‘Are you going to walk to your car like that? You are going to make a lot of guys very happy’. Sarah said, ‘Well, after the way I’ve showed myself off to the two of you, any other guy is going to see a lot less, but if they get a thrill out of seeing me, that’ll be nice for them’.

And she did walk back to the car like that. And so many guys did have their eyes all over her. At one moment we were moving through a group of people and I was behind Sarah. Her skirt was so short the cheeks of her bottom were just showing. To get to the car, we had to go up an escalator into the car park. As we approached it, Sarah looked round behind us and said ‘Let’s just wait here a minute’. I didn’t know why, but there was a group of three lads a bit behind us. As they approached, Sarah said ‘Okay, let’s go up now’ and we walked onto the escalator, with the group of young guys a bit behind us. From where they were, they would easily be able to see up Sarah’s skirt and pretty soon one of them whistled and another said ‘Oh, YEAH, of YEAH’. Sarah whispered in my ear ‘I’m not wearing anything under my skirt’ and giggled drunkenly. 

We got to the car and I started to drive home. Sarah pulled her skirt up at the front and said ‘I guess you’ll be wanting to use this when we get home’ and pointed to her pussy. I reached over and put my hand between her legs, and after a moment’s struggle, slipped a finger up inside her. She was so, soaking wet there. She said ‘Oh, that’s teasing. I want the real thing’. 

We got back home and Sarah pulled me upstairs. Was the sex good? Oh hell, yes it was. With each orgasm, Sarah’s body shook more and more.

But, the next day, oh were things different. From the moment Sarah woke up, she was in a terrible, shouting mood. ‘How could you have let me drink like that? You know I loose all of my inhibitions. You let me show those men everything. They’ve got pictures of me! They could show them to anyone. Hundreds of men could see them. They could get published and I’d lose my job. How could you have let me do that? And those guys and the escalator thing. They’ve seen me right between my legs. I can’t believe you let me walk out of that place in such a short skirt. And that old guy in the studio, when you were taking a picture of me with them standing either side of me, he had his arm round my waist and his hand was under my breast. He was touching my breast, he was virtually cupping his hand under it. Why didn’t you see him? Why didn’t you stop him? An old man fondled my breast and he’s got a picture of it.’

All my fault, was it Sarah? Well, now I’ve got your boyfriends email address, he’s going to receive a link to this story. What will he think of you? A nice girl who made a slight mistake, or an exhibitionist slut? Mind you, I did enjoy fucking you that day. You were desperate for my cock, weren’t you?