Slutty Sarah story 2. 

 Ex-girlfriend Sarah, true story 2

This is the next true story about my slutty ex-girlfriend, Sarah. What a total, absolute exhibitionist she is. She doesn’t just love to show off her tits and pussy to complete strangers. She loves them to feel her up as well. And that’s what this true story is all about. 

We were on holiday, in Texas, USA. It was Mardi Gras time. A perfect time for Sarah to show herself off. But, I didn’t realise just how much she would do that. 

I’m sure you all know, but Mardi Gras time is when girls flash their tits and get beads to wear round their neck as a ‘reward’, for letting guys see their tits. Sarah and I were out one evening, right in amongst the crowds and sure enough, there were girl tit-flashing. I knew from Sarah’s reaction that it would only be a matter of time before she wanted to show hers off to any guy who wanted to look. 

We ended up in an area that wasn’t quite so crowded and, as we walked towards a group of white and black guys, a girl in front of them pulled her top up and let some guys take pictures of her. Then, one black guy on one side of her reached out and caught hold of one of her tits. She looked at him and smiled, then another guy the other side felt her other tit. She didn’t stop them for a good half minute as they groped her, then she smiled at both of them, as their friends took pictures of them, then she pulled her top down and walked away. 

Sarah stopped dead in her tracks and said ‘Did you see that. That girl just let those men grope her. How sexy is that?’ Whenever Sarah is aroused her voice goes low and sexy, and that’s what it was like, just then. I said ‘I know you’ve always liked black guys, but you’ve told me you’ve never had one as a boyfriend. Do you want to flash your tits at them and maybe they’ll feel you?’ Sarah looked at me, didn’t say anything, but I knew she wanted to do it.

I said ‘Come on, let’s walk over there and we’ll make it happen’. We walked over to where they men were, then I started the video camera and said ‘Oh, come on, flash your tits’, loudly enough that the group of guys heard. Sarah had on a little top and skirt. The top unbuttoned down the front and she tried to look coy, then said ‘Okay, just a quick flash, then’ and started to unbutton it. The black and white guys soon realised that they were going to see some more naked tits and gathered round to either side of her and behind her. 

Sarah started to undo her top and the black guy to her right said ‘Are you a Brit?’ Sarah nodded and he said ‘Hey guys, we’re going to see some Brit tit’. Sarah undid the top completely and opened it up wide and there were her lovely tits on display. I said ‘Oh, fucking lovely tits, girl’ and, as I shot the video, the black guy who had spoken just reached out and caught hold of Sarah’s right breast. He grabbed it, squeezed it and fondled it. Sarah tried to look shocked, but she wasn’t in the least bit convincing. Then she looked down at his hand as he squeezed and groped her breast and I could tell from the look on her face she was getting really sexually excited. When she didn’t try to stop him or close her top up, another black guy on her left grabbed her left breast and had a good feel. 

By then, all the guys in the group, black and white, realised that Sarah was up for being felt and, well, they all took it in turns to grope her tits. Sarah was loving being felt up by a group of maybe seven or eight guys, all of them having their fun with her tits, groping and squeezing them. 

Then, the black guy who had said about seeing her Brit tits, caught hold of the hem of her skirt and pulled it up above her waist, exposing her tiny panties. Then, he put his other hand on her thigh, just above her knee and ran it up and down, feeling her leg right up to her panties. Sarah was in ecstasy, loving all those guys as they felt her. Then the same black guy, still holding Sarah’s skirt right up above her waist, put a finger in the waistband of her panties, right at the front and pulled downwards. He said ‘Hey guys, here’s some Brit pussy’ and from where I was, I could see Sarah’s pussy lips and crack. Then he said ‘Okay, you aren’t stopping us, so we’ll just keep going until you do’ and he put a hand between her legs, inside her panties and let go of the hem of the skirt. 

Okay, I couldn’t see what his hand was doing, but it was obvious from the look on Sarah’s face that he had his fingers up inside her pussy, as she told me later. 

Then I could see other hands pull Sarah’s skirt up at the back and there were hands, not only all over her tits, but all over her legs, thighs, bum and everywhere, groping and feeling her. She closed her eyes and I knew she was concentrating on the feeling of being felt up by all of them. Then I could see her legs start to shake a bit, which is always an early sign of a Sarah orgasm. She tried so hard to hide it as she came and maybe only I knew she had. Then suddenly she said ‘Okay, you’ve had your fun with me. That’s all.’ and she closed her top and pushed their hands away. They were really good and let go of her. The black guy who’d had his hands in her panties, put his fingers in his mouth and said ‘Brit pussy tastes sweet’.  

Sarah was quite quiet as we walked back to the hotel, but when we got to the room, she was so, so happy and excited. She couldn’t wait to tell me that the black guy had fingered her pussy and then played with her clit, bringing her to orgasm. She said ‘That was one of the most amazing things in my life. To have all those men, black and white, with their hands all over me, was fantastic. The big black guy, well, he inserted his fingers in my vagina, then, well, he could bring any girl off. That certainly wasn’t the first time he’d played with a girl’s clit. He knew just how to do that. What you don’t know is that as he was rubbing my clit, the guys behind me were reaching between my legs and taking it in turns to finger me’. But, as always with Sarah, one orgasm is never enough and she kept me up and erect for a good few hours, fucking her brains out. 

Okay, Sarah, your current boyfriend will get the link about this true story of you that I emailed to him quite soon now. Are you going to deny it?