Slutty Sarah true story  1

This is a true story about a girl that I dated a while ago. She was 25 at the time and had an absolutely lovely pair of big tits. She wasn’t shy about showing them off, either. We went on a few holidays together and as soon as we sat around a hotel pool, Sarah would take off her bikini top. But then she’d always moan about men staring at her tits. But she also complained if they didn’t look, as well. There was no pleasing that stupid girls.

Anyway, I’d bought a new camera and there was a photographic studio in the city of Bristol (UK), near where we lived. I asked Sarah if she wanted to do a photo-shoot there. She said ‘Actually that’d be fun. Friends of mine have said that I ought to do some modelling work. I suppose you’ll want me to be topless, won’t you’.

I said ‘Not just topless!!1 You’ve got a fabulous figure and it’d be a shame to book a studio and for you not to get naked’. Sarah smiled. She was flattered that I wanted to photograph her. I was determined to get pictures of her with her pussy on show, as well as her tits.

I phoned the studio and booked it for the following Saturday afternoon. As we were driving there, Sarah was asking about who ran the studio. I told her that it was run by two guys, both in their early 30s. She said ‘Are they allowed to watch? I mean will they be there when I’m posing and taking my clothes off?’ I could tell from her voice that she was hoping they would see her tits. Anyway, as you’ll find out soon, she arranged it so that got to see her naked.

We got to the studio and the owners showed us the lighting equipment, the model’s changing room, etc. Sarah said ‘That’s a great changing-room. I’ve brought lots of sexy clothes for me to wear’. The guys said ‘Okay, we’ll be in the office next door. Any problems, just give us a shout and we’ll sort it out’.

As I set my camera gear up, Sarah went into the changing room. After about 5 minutes she walked out, wearing a very tiny mini-skirt, thigh-high boots and a little strappy top that hardly covered her tits.She knew there wasn’t any point in her putting a bra on. It was going to be a titty-show photo-shoot. 

I started to take pictures and Sarah seemed to really be enjoying herself, getting into some really sexy poses. I said ‘That’s great. Now pull your top down below your tits’. She didn’t hesitate and pulled both shoulder-straps down, exposing those beautiful bare breasts. 

There were two studio lights, one either side of her. She said ‘You know, sometimes when you take a picture, the right-hand light - I don’t think it’s flashing. The left one is okay. It’s just the right one. You ought to get the studio guys in to look at that’. 

Okay, I’d wondered how she was going to do it. She obviously wanted them to see her tits and this was her plan to get them in there. 

I said ‘Okay, I’ll go and ask them to come in and watch the lights’. Sarah said ‘I’d better not have my boobs out when they come in, had I?’ 

I asked the guys and they both came in. Sarah said ‘It’s just the right-hand light. It might be going off okay, but it just doesn’t seem to, every time’.

They stood so they could see the light and I started to take more pictures of Sarah. After just one picture, Sarah said ‘Oh hand on, where were we? I’d just pulled my top down, hadn’t I’ and she caught hold of her top and pulled it right down to her waist. I glanced at the guys. They were both staring at Sarah’s tits. I looked back at Sarah. She had a big smile on her face.

I took a few pictures of Sarah showing of those lovely tits, then she stood up, caught hold of her top and pulled it right up over her head. She stood there, topless, with her hands on her hips and said ‘I guess you guys see lots and lots of topless girls in here, don’t you?’

One of the guys said ‘Well, a few, but they don’t all have amazing breasts like your’s girl. You’ve got the best breasts that we’ve seen in here for many weeks’. The other guy said ‘You do have amazing tits. What’s your name, Sarah, isn’t it? Your tits are gorgeous, Sarah’.

Sarah looked down at her bare tits, then back at the guys. She said ‘That’s so nice of you. I’m glad you like them. I thought that you’d have seen so many that you might not like mine’. 

She was standing there in her tiny mini-skirt, thigh-high boots, showing off her tits to two guys she’d only just met. 

Then she said ‘I’m just going to change into something else. You guys are going to be here for a while longer, aren’t you.. I hope you like stockings and suspenders’.

She walked over to the changing-room, her tits wobbling and bouncing around as they watched her. 

Sarah closed the changing-room door. I looked at the two guys. I said ’She just likes showing her body off in front of strangers. Just enjoy it, guys’. One of them said ‘Oh, we definitely are. Does she just model for you? She could be on our model register if she wanted to.The photographers who book models here would love her’.

Saraha walked out of the changing-room. Oh, WOW. All she had on was a pair of black stocking, the thinnest suspender-belt that I’ve ever seen and a pair of high-heel shoes. 

She just stood there, facing us. She said ‘I thought you probably want me naked so you can see me between my legs’.  

She walked back onto the set, stood with her back to us, bent forward away from us and looked back at us over her shoulder. I quickly took a picture of her showing her pussy-lips between her legs. She said ‘I know what I’m showing you, boys. I can’t really believe that I’m showing it to you, but a model’s got to show what a model’s got, doesn’t she’.

Then she said ‘I heard what you were talking about, when I was in the changing-room. I mean, I wouldn’t mind giving it a try, you know, posing for more photographers. I mean, I don’t know how easy it’d be to take my clothes off in front of a photographer that I don’t know. Although, I’m doing that right now, aren’t I. I mean, you two guys are standing there looking at my body and I’m really liking it’. 

I took a few more pictures of Sarah. She wasn’t at all shy about letting the guys see her pussy lips. She wasn’t opening her legs really, really wide, but she definitely wasn’t trying to keep her legs closed, either. 

The guys had stopped looking to make sure the light was okay. They knew that Sarah had only got them to come in so that she could show off her body to them. 

At the end of the photo-shoot, one of the guys said ‘Look, what about if we take just 4 or 5 pictures of you. You can go on our model register and just try modelling for one or two of our regular clients. You’re figure is so beautiful and you might really love posing for them’.

Sarah hesitated and then said ‘Okay, yeah, I’d like to try it. I’m sure that I can work up the courage to take my clothes off for some random man, even if I’ve never met him before’.

One of the guys went back into his office then came back with a big, professional camera.

Sarah said ‘Okay, you just want some pictures of me for the register, don’t you. Do you want me to change, or are these stockings and suspenders okay?’ 

The guy with the camera laughed and said ‘What you’re wearing now if perfect’. Sarah giggled and said ‘You mean what I’m not wearing now, don’t you. Oh, I can’t believe it, I’m naked and you’re going to take pictures of me’.

The guy said ‘That’s it, stand just there. Arch your back so your tits are pushed out towards me’. He took a picture of Sarah’s face and tits. Then he said ‘Most of our clients want British Men’s Magazine pictures, so you’ll have to open your legs a bit for them. Go on, sit back down on the chair, but right on the edge. That’s it, now move your legs apart. That’s it, that’s a lovely pussy-showing pose. Go on girl, that’s it, spread them a bit wider’ and he took a few pictures of Sarah, her lovely tits and pussy on show. 

He said ‘Okay, those pictures are great. We’ll get you lots of modelling work’. Sarah said ‘Actually, I quite enjoyed posing like that for you. It was fun’.

The guy said ‘Look Sarah, one thing that you’ll need to sort out. These days the fashion is for girls to have their pussy-lips completely shaven. I mean, you’re blonde so that the little bit of hair you have there doesn’t really hide much, but the guys will expect shaven lips. I mean, you can have a little strip of hair, or some girls like a triangle of hair above their pussy, but the lips themselves, well, they’ve got to be completely shaven’.

Sarah said ‘Oh, I didn’t think about that at all. I’ll sort that out’.

On the way driving back home in the car, Sarah was really happy. She said ‘That was so, so much fun. Did you see the look on their faces when I first pulled my top down and they saw my boobs. And when I walked out of the changing-room without any panties on. Their eyes were going all over my body’. Then she went quiet for a moment, then said ‘You know they mentioned UK Men’s Magazine poses. What does that mean? I mean, I don’t know what men will expect me to show’.

We were near a newsagent and I stopped, went in and bought a copy of Mayfair. I got back in the car and drove us home. I handed Sarah the magazine and said ‘Look through there. That’s a typical British Men’s Mag. Sarah flicked through the pages and said ‘Oh, will I have to pose like that. Look how much the girls are showing.  I mean, the girls have got their legs so far apart. I don’t know if I can pose like that in front of a complete stranger’.

I said ‘Sarah, you just have done that. You only met those guys for  the first time today and you posed with your legs really wide apart. That’s all you have to do’.

 Well, guys, it was about 7 days later and Sarah got a call from the studio. She had a booking for the following Saturday morning. After she got off the phone, she said ‘I can’t believe it. I’m going to have to get naked in front of some guys. It’s 3 or them and they’ve booked me for for a Men’s Magazine photo-shoot for next Saturday. I’ve got to do it now. I just can’t believe that I’m going to get naked and open my legs wide for them’.

As the week went by, Sarah’s confidence seemed to grow. By Thursday she said ‘I’m definitely going to do it. I don’t care how much they see’.

As I drove Sarah to the studio the Saturday morning, she wasn’t so confident. She said ‘I know that I’ve got to do it and I’m going to. Oh, and I’ve shaved all the hair off, down there - everything. They’re going to get such a good look at me there’. I hope they like the clothes that I’ve brought. I’ve got stockings and suspenders, and really tiny push-up bras, and transparent panties……’.

I dropped Sarah off at the studio. I could see that her hands were shaking as she closed the car door. 

I spent the next two hours fantasising about my girlfriend getting her tits out for three strangers and spreading her legs wide for them. 

I drove up to the studio door just as Sarah was coming out. She had on the same long coat as she’d arrived in and she was clutching it closed at the front. She raced to the car, threw the bag with her modelling clothes into the back seat and jumped into the front passenger seat. 

She let out a deep breath and said ‘Oh WOW. As soon as they paid me I just put my coat on and rushed out. Look, I’m still naked undernearth’. And sure enough, her coat had come open a bit at the front and yeah, she had completely shaved her pussy. I could see that much’.

I caught hold of the side of her coat and pulled it open a bit. I said ‘Oh yeah, look, a completely shaved pussy’. She said ‘Yeah, look at whatever you want to. I’ve just been naked for two hours in front of three men who just wanted me to show more and more and more’.

I drove us towards a nice coffee place that Sarah liked. I said ‘Come on, let’s have a coffee and you can relax and, if you want to, tell me all about it, but first, you really should button up your coat’. Sarah laughed and said ‘Yes I really ought to. I’m so used to being naked with men’s eyes roaming all over my body that I’ve forgotten that I should really cover myself up’.

We went into the coffee shop and gradually Sarah recovered. Into her second cup, I said ‘Okay, now you’re more relaxed, tell my about it. Did you enjoy the photo-shoot?’ 

Sarah hesitated for a moment, then she said ‘Now I’ve recovered, you know, actually, I did quite enjoy it. Okay, I had to get naked and open my legs wide for three dirty old men - well, actually three dirty young men - they were all about 24 or 25 years old and really good looking, but they just wanted me to get all my clothes off really quickly.The studio guys, they didn’t help much, as soon as they’d introduced me to the three men, one of them said ‘Guys, you’ll want her to get her tits out really quickly. They’re amazing’. Then he looked at me and said ‘You’ve shaved it, I hope’. I nodded and he looked at me and said ‘You’ve shaved it completely, haven’t you. You have, haven’t you. Good, I hope to see it a bit later’.

Then I said to the three guys, ‘look, I’ve got lots of modelling clothes. Do you want to tell my what you want me to wear?’ They looked through my bag and chose the skimpiest, naughtiest most exposing things. You know that half-cup bra I’ve got that doesn’t really cover my nipples, well, of course they wanted me to wear that. And that little mini-skirt that shows the cheeks of my bottom when I wear it, well of course they wanted that. Even just for the first few pictures, I had so much bare flesh on show. 

The first guy started to take pictures and his two friends, well, they just stood either side of him and looked at my body. I could just feel their eyes going all over me. 

Then the man told me to take my bra off. Oh, they loved that. I struggled to undo the clasp and my boobs were bobbling out over the top of it. And then when it was off, the three of them just stood there, just staring at my boobs. 

And then, so the rest of the two hours, it was just me showing them more and more of my body. I found out one thing about them - all three of them hate panties - they love little mini-skirts and no panties on a girl. And they love stockings and suspenders. And they all love seeing a girl with her legs wide apart. I didn’t know that I could open my legs that wide, before today. And they loved that I’d shaved all the hair off, down there. 

And then, right at the end of the photo-shoot, the two studio guys suddenly walked in. They obviously knew the three photographers really well. I was lying back on the bed set with my legs wide open and the two studio guys just walked in. They just walked in, walked up to me and looked at me between my legs. I should have closed my legs, but I just layed there and let them look at it. 

I’ve just got so used to being naked and thinking, yes, there’s my pussy boys, have a good look at it. Yeah, I know my lips have come open and my pink flaps are showing. I don’t care - go on, you just look’.

I waited a moment, then said ‘Okay, the big question then. If the studio rings you in a few days and says that some more men want to book you for a nude photo-shoot, would you do it?’

Sarah really hesitated, then she said ‘You know, I would. I mean,  now I’ve done it. Now I’ve shown my body off to some random strangers, now I’ve got my boobs and my pink bits out for them to see and photograph, yes, actually, it was fun. 

Okay, I’m in a bit of a state right now and I still can’t believe what I’ve just shown those men, but it was fun - it really was fun. I mean, just to see the look on their faces when I took my bra off for them. It’s a lovely feeling to have men thinking that my boobs are beautiful. 

And, okay, I didn’t know that I’d have to show them quite so much of my pink bits between my legs, but it’s still great that they can’t take their eyes off it.  It’s a lovely, sexy feeling for men to be looking at my body, knowing that they can’t have me - they can look, but they can’t feel. It’s lovely to have men’s eyes going all over my bare flesh, desiring me, wanting me, wanting to fuck me but only being able to look at me.

I do love being naked in front of strangers’.

So, there you are guys. Slutty Sarah, my ex-girlfriend.  I hoped you liked the true story about slutty exhibitionist. 

I could tell you more about her - I could tell you what happened just before I dumped her - I could tell you that we’d been to a party, got drunk, eventually I wondered where she was - then I opened a door to one of the bedrooms and there she was, being fingered by two of my friends. 

And she had the cheek to say to me ‘You’re dumping me. Why. It was only their fingers up me’.