Slutty Sarah story 6. 

Ex-girlfriend Sarah, true story 6

“We were on a holiday in Portugal.. The first day we were there, we went into the local town to buy a few clothes for Sarah to wear. As we walked through the town, the local men kept looking at Sarah. She was wearing a tiny top and it was obvious that she didn’t have a bra on underneath, a pair of tiny denim shorts, and fairly high-heel shoes. She was attracting a lot of attention and she was loving it. 

She said ‘All those men are staring at me. That’s nice’. I said ‘Well, your t-shirt is so thin and it’s obvious that you aren’t wearing a bra. That’s why you wore it, isn’t it, so all the men would know you are naked underneath it’. She said ‘Yeah, well, okay, that’s true, but I didn’t expect they’d all be staring at me like this. But it’s nice. I like them looking’, 

We found a women’s clothes shop. Sarah looked in the window and said ‘Oh, that’s a lovely bikini. That’d look really nice in pictures’. We went in and wandered around the shop. Right at the back was a rack of bikinis and Sarah found the one she was looking for. We exchanged a few words with the shop owner, but he didn’t speak English and we didn’t speak Portuguese. 

Sarah said ‘Changing room? So I can try is on?’ The guy just shrugged his shoulders, looked around the place and waved his hands around. It was obvious that the small shop didn’t have a changing room. Sarah looked around and said ‘Well, I’ve got to try it on. I’m not going to buy it unless I know it fits okay’. 

I said ‘Well, if you want to try it on, then do it in front of him. Lots of men have seen you naked. So what’s one more guy? Does it matter?’

Sarah said ‘You know, you’re right. So what, if I get naked in front of him? Anyway, it’ll be fun to see how he reacts’. 

And she did. She handed me the bikini top and bottom, turned to face the shop man, caught hold of the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it right up and over her head. She stood there, topless, right in front of us, smiling as she looked at the shop owner. I looked at him. He was just staring at Sarah’s tits. He said something in Portuguese, like ‘oh tetas lindas’. 

Sarah said ‘Well, he certainly seems to like my boobs’. I handed her the bikini top and she put it on. There was a full-length mirror next to her and she looked at it. She said ‘You know, yeah, that fits okay’. 

I was expecting her to keep the top on as she tried the bikini bottoms half on, but instead, she reached behind her and undid the bikini top and pulled it off her, so her tits were naked again. Then I realised, yeah, she enjoyed the shop man seeing her tits and wanted to show them to him again. 

She handed the bikini top back to me and started to un-button her shorts. I said ‘Really, Sarah, are you going to show it to him?’ Sarah smiled and said ‘Yeah, I am. I don’t care if he sees me there. Anyway, this is fun’.

She unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them, and her g-string, down to her ankles and stepped out of them, then handed them to me. She was standing there, naked in front of the shop man, apart from her high-heel shoes. She just stood there in front of him, as his eyes were going up and down, over all of her naked flesh. I handed her the bikini bottoms and as I did, well, at first, I thought the guy had fainted, but when I looked at him, he’d just dropped to his knees, so he was knelt down, right in front of Sarah.

Sarah laughed. She knew that the guy wanted a better look at her pussy. She lifted one leg up to step into the bikini bottoms, right in front of the man. As she did, he could see the full length of her pussy crack. She was looking down at his and was smiling. She said ‘Oh, he likes seeing me there, doesn’t he’. She stepped in to the other half of the bikini and pulled it up, then looked at herself in the mirror. 

It was obvious she liked the bikini, so she said ‘Yeah, this’ll be great’. Then she turned back from the mirror to face the shop guy again. She took a little step towards him, so she was really close, then pulled the bikini bottom part down. As she stepped out of it, well, he was knelt down looking up at her and she slowly took it off. From there, he was having a great look at her pussy lips. She was looking down at him and smiling, really enjoying showing him her pussy. She stood up above him, with her legs a bit apart. She said ‘Ohh, he really likes seeing me there, doesn’t he’. 

I said ‘Why don’t you give him a better look at it?’ Sarah hesitated, then said ‘What do you mean?’ She knew, really. I said ‘Hold it open a bit so he can see your clit and your hole’.

Sarah’s body quivered with excitement at the thought of doing that. She said ‘Oh that’s such a sexy thought. Shall I do it? Shall I really show him?’

I nodded and she moved until her pussy was even closer to his face. She put 4 fingers of each hand on her pussy lips and opened it up. The guy gasped. He looked at Sarah’s pussy, the quickly glanced up at her face. She was looking down at him and smiling. Then he glanced at my face. I was laughing. He looked back at Sarah’s hole and put one of his hands on her inner thigh. Sarah’s body quivered again and she said quietly to me ‘Don’t stop him. I’m not going to’.

With no one trying to stop him from groping Sarah, he slowly slid his hand up her inner thigh, groping and squeezing her lovely flesh. Sarah was breathing deeply now and her whole body was quivering with excitement. As his one hand had moved right up to the top of her leg, almost to her pussy, he reached around with his other hand and started to squeeze the cheeks of her bottom. 

Sarah was obviously now in a state of real, sexual arousal. The guy moved his face up and started to lick and suck Sarah’s clitoris. Well, at that point Sarah’s whole body quivered and shook, as she had a strong orgasm. As she came, the guy stuck two fingers up her pussy-hole and with the hand that had been squeezing the cheeks of her bottom, he reached up and grabbed hold of one of her tits and groped it hard. 

Sarah’s orgasm seemed to go on and on, but it really probably only lasted for about 10 or 15 seconds, but by that time the guy had some great fun with her body, fingering, groping and squeezing her.

As Sarah’s orgasm subsided, the guy took his fingers out of her, moved back and admired his work. He’d turned this beautiful girl’s body into a quivering wreck, and she loved it. 

Very red-faced now, she quickly got dressed. The guy handed her the bikini and said ‘Free, for you. See, I do speak English. You English girls, you do love a finger-fuck, don’t you’ and he grinned.

I laughed and helped Sarah out of the store. 

On the way back to the villa, Sarah was really quiet. She only said one thing ‘As soon as we get back to the villa, you’re going to fuck me, properly’.

Well, what a wonderful afternoon that was for me”. 

So now you know why I call her Slutty Sarah.