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Secretary is spanked in stockings, pantyhose and with bare legs, then fingered.  

41Mb,  4 mins 09 secs.

A drunk girls has passed out and 2 guys expose her tits and stockings

34Mb, 3 mins 47 secs.

Girl is grabbed in the street, stripped and tits felt and squeezed

7Mb, 0  mins 45 secs.

A girl’s skirt is pulled up exposing her pantyhose  as she’s groped

13Mb, 1 mins 17 secs.

All these videos were shot with the full permission of the girls.

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Okay, I do have to admit that I’m the guy in the video where a girl gets stripped off and her tits groped. She was so happy to do this video with me.  Well, I was paying her a lot of money to do it. 

We did a first take of the video and she wanted to watch it back. She stood, topless, just holding her dress around her waist with her tits bare as the cameraman played the video back to her on the camera screen. She said ‘You know, I think that I should have struggled a bit more. Let’s shoot it again, I’m sure that you won’t mind having another feel of my boobs’. 

We shot the video again as I stripped her off and grabbed hold of her tits, then she watched it back with us gathered around the screen, not caring at all that her tits were bare and really close to us. 

She was happy with the video and as the cameraman walked away a bit she turned to me and said ‘That was nice. I liked your hands feeling my boobs’. I said ‘Do you like having your boobs felt?’ She said ‘Yeah, it’s a lovely feeling to have a man’s hands on them’, then she laughed and said ‘especially a man like you that I’ve only met for the first time about 20 minutes ago’.

Guys, I do have to tell you that her tits were lovely to grope - she’s got really firm titties. I still remember exactly what they felt like, right now, years later.

And, okay, I admit it, in the fourth video above, well, the guy wasn’t me, but,  I was right there as the video was shot, watching. Well, I was paying for the videos, so the model couldn’t really complain. At the end of the video, the guy and the model moved out of camera-shot, but the girl said to me ’You like seeing girls in tights (pantyhose), don’t you’, and she unzipped her skirt and let it fall down to her ankles. I’d paid her £thousands for pictures and videos of her and I guess it was her way of. well, thanking me for the money and persuading me to pay her more, for future shoots. 

The guy who’d been groping her said ‘Go on, take your top off, show Kevin your boobs’. She didn’t even hesitate, she said ‘Okay, that’ll be fun’, and she undid her top, took it off, then reached behind her, undid her bra and took it off, right in front of me. 

She stood there, still with her sheer pantyhose and high-heels on, showing her body off to me and smiling as I looked down at her tits and legs. She said ‘Well, you’ve seen me on video before, but how do you think I look now, almost naked in front of you?’

Okay, I knew that she wanted more work and she knew that I paid well, but if her body was on offer to me, i wasn’t going to turn the offer down. I stepped right up close to her, put my hands behind her and grabbed hold of the cheeks of her ass, over her tights (pantyhose) and felt her ass and legs. 

Well, grabbed and groped would probably be a better way of describing it. 

She was standing really close to me, pressing right up against me, and she must have felt my erection pushing at her pussy.  She lifted her arms up and put them behind my neck, pulling me tighter to her. She said ‘That’s nice. That’s really nice’., as I groped her ass and her legs, over her tights. 

Then she put her hands up to my shoulders and pushed me back a bit, so our top-halves were a bit apart. She looked down at her tits and said ‘Go on, you can have a quick feel of my boobs if you want to’.

I moved my hands round to her front and caught hold of her titties. She was looking down at them as I had a good feel and squeeze. She said ‘Ohhh, that’s lovely. That’s so nice. Ohhh, that’s so sexy’. 

She looked down at my hands as i groped her tits for a minute or two, then she stepped back. She said ‘Okay, that’s enough for today, but I’d love to do more work, you know, pictures or videos, for your site, as long as you keep paying me well. It’d be nice if you were here, too, I mean, who knows what I might let you do to me’.