British glamour model Melanie Walsh

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Trying on clothes

37mb, 3:38 mins

naked striptease

37mb, 3:43 mins

topless photo-shoot

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topless striptease

52mb, 5:10 mins

Here’s a true story about the time that lovely Melanie Walsh did a lap-dance for me. And what a fantastic experience it was.

I was on holiday in Lanzarote, in The Canary Islands and one evening I was walking along the main strip, alongside the beach, when I noticed what seemed to be the entrance to a club, down some steps. I went down and in through the door. Inside was a sort of nightclub, with two bars at the far end and seating around the place. 

I went to the bar and ordered a drink. As I was sat there drinking it, a girl appeared, looked around and went back into the area at the rear of the club. I was sure I recognised her…. it was Melanie Walsh. I asked the barman if it really was her and he replied ‘It sure is. She’s one of the dancers here. Do you want her to do a lap-dance for you? It’s really early and there’s no one else here, yet. I expect Melanie would love to dance for you. It’s only 20 Euros’. 

I agreed straight away. The bar guy went into the back rooms area and a few moments later he came out with Melanie. She looked amazing and so, so sexy. She smiled and walked up to me, caught hold of my hand and dragged me off into a VIP roped off area.

I sat down and she made me put my hands under my thighs, I guess so I couldn’t reach out and grab hold of her. Then she started to move and sway right in front of me, so close. 

She had on a tiny mini-skirt, really high-heel shoes and a thin top. She pulled the skirt up and showed my her panties. Wow, they were thin, white and almost completely transparent. I could see a thin line of hair through them. Then Melanie took her top off and leaned forward and put her hands on my shoulders. 

Her bra wasn’t covering her breasts very much at all. Then she reached her hands up and slowly pulled both her bra straps down. Okay, I’d seen her fantastic bare tits on Page 3 of the Sun newspaper in the UK many times, but to have those beautiful breasts slowly being exposed, right in front of my face, was amazing. 

She pulled her bra straps right down so her nipples were showing. She was still lent forward, right in front of me, with her tits almost in my face. She looked at my face for a moment, then glanced down at the front of my jeans. I couldn’t help it and my dick twitched so much that she noticed. She giggled and said ‘Oh good. You like my boobs then, don’t you’.

Then she took her bra off completely and danced a bit for me, not caring that her boobs were wobbling around a bit. Then she turned her back to me, bent forward away from me and undid the zip at the back of her skirt, and slowly pulled it down to her ankles. Her white panties were actually a g-string and the cheeks of her bottom looked amazing. As he bent right forward to step out of her skirt, I could see her pussy lips through the transparent material.

Then Melanie stood up and faced me. As she danced right in front of me, she said ‘Sorry, but I can’t take these off (meaning her g-string). House rules, here. I know it’s stupid and if it was up to me, I’d take them off and give you a better look’. I said ‘That’s okay, the material is so thin, I can see you right between your legs, anyway’. 

Melanie smiled and said ‘Good. That’s why I like to wear this g-string, so all the boys get a good look’, and she lifted one foot up and put it on the seat next to me, giving me a better look at her pussy lips through the thin material.

Well, that was it. I paid Melanie 20 Euros, plus a tip of 10 more, because she’d done her best to show me her pussy.  I had a few more drinks, watching Melanie and a couple of other girls doing lap-dances for more guys, as the club started to get busier.

I found some publicity pictures for the club. Here they are.