British glamour model Melanie Walsh Stripping Videos

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The lovely Page 3 model Melanie Walsh isn’t all all shy to take all her clothes off and show us her lovely body.. 

In the first video Melanie tries on different clothes in a changing-room, getting naked.

VIDEO: Melanie Walsh changing-room voyeur.

File size: 37Mbit, Duration: 3 mins 38 seconds.

Melanie used to work as a stripper (please see the true story lower down on this page).

Here she does a fantastically sexy striptease, getting naked.

VIDEO: Melanie Walsh strips naked.

File size: 37Mbit, Duration: 3 mins 43 seconds.

Melanie is probably best known for her topless appearances in The Sun newspaper on Page 3.

In this video she gets topless for a photographer as he takes pictures of those beautiful bare breasts.

VIDEO: Melanie Walsh topless photo-shoot.

File size: 31Mbit, Duration: 3 mins 04 seconds.

VIDEO: Melanie Waslh topless striptease.

File size: 28Mbit, Duration: 2 mins 45 seconds.

Here’s a true story about the time that the lovely Melanie Walsh did a lap-dance for me.

It was in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands. I was there on a holiday. One evening, as I was walking down the main strip, I noticed a bar down some steps. I walked down and into the bar. It was early so it was deserted. I walked up to the bar and ordered a beer. As the barman was getting it, I saw a girl open a door behind the bar and look through. 

I  recognised her immediately. It was Page 3 model Melanie Walsh. I asked the barman if it really was Melanie and he said that it was, and if I wanted, she’d do a stripping lap-dance for me. That’s why she was here, to strip doing lap-dances for guys.

Of course I agreed straight away. The barman went out of the door where Melanie was and a moment later Melanie walked back in with him. She caught hold of my hand and took me to a private booth. She wanted Euros 20 to strip and I gladly paid that. I gave her Euros 30 and said ‘I know this is going to be good, so there’s a 10 Euro tip’.
Once I’d given her the money, she sat me down on a sofa and made me put my hands under my thighs, I guess so that I couldn’t suddenly grab hold of her.

Then, oh yes, she stripped-danced right in front of me. And, those lovely tits that I’d only ever seen on Page 3 of British newspapers, yes, they were there, with Melanie thrusting them right up close to my face. 
I said ‘Oh, wow, Melanie, I’ve seen your tits on Page 3 of the Sun newspaper so many times, but it’s far better to see them for real, so close to my face. They’re beautiful. You have the most amazing, beautiful breasts’.

Melanie laughed and said ‘That’s really nice’. I don’t know if she meant to do it, but she got her tits so close to my face that her nipples brushed against my cheek.
She laughed and said ‘Oh, oops’, but I really think that she meant to do it.
She put her tits so close to my eyes and said ‘There you are. You can have a good close look at them’. 
Then she stood back a little  bit and took her skirt off, so she was standing there so close to me, just in a tiny white transparent g-string and high-heel shoes. 

She was dancing and gyrating around right in front of me. She said ’Sorry that I can’t take my g-string off. I would, but it’s against the rules here’. As she said that, she lifted one foot up and put her high-heels just to one side of my leg. And, oh yes, I could see her pussy lips clearly through the transparent white material of her panties.

I said ’Oh Melanie, that’s fine. I can see everything anyway’.
Melanie smiled and said ‘Good. I know the nylon is really transparent. That’s why I bought them, so all you guys could see me there’.

The she said ‘And since you have a a 10 Euro tip, here’s a little extra for you’, and she moved really close to me, so her pussy was right above my face. Her legs were right apart now and her pussy-lips were very visible through the thin, white nylon. Her pussy lips were apart a bit and there was a lovely sight of her inner-flaps.

She looked down at me and said ‘There you are. That’s what you want to see, isn’t it’.

So, yeah, Melanie Walsh had her naked tits right in  my face and showed me her pussy, so close to me and so clearly through that thin nylon. And she really enjoyed showing it off to me. 

After the lap-dance that she did for me, I saw her go up to three other guys over the next hour and strip-danced for them. 

Melanie is so lovely and such a really nice girl, and yes, a total exhibitionist. 

This is how Melanie used to pose for magazines……