British glamour model Karen White Up-skirt Videos

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Karen White originally was published on a few other websites that I used to run, one of which was in Japan.

I used to have a polling system on the Japanese site where guys could vote for their favourite girl in different categories, like ‘Favourite Stripper’, Favourite Tits’, etc.

Month after month Karen would be voted top of the category ‘Favourite Girl that I’d like to Cum on Her Thighs’. Yeah, I get that.  

Another upskirt video of Karen White in stockings.

She’s wearing a skirt to her office that really is too short to be wearing stockings with.

But she doesn’t care and we get a great look at her stocking-tops and red panties. 

Great legs, Karen. 

VIDEO: Karen White office stockings up-skirt.

File size: 48Mbit, Duration: 4 mins 44 seconds.

VIDEO: Karen White, white panties up-skirt

File size: 12Mbit, Duration: 1 mins 11 seconds.

Looking up Karen’s mini-skirt at her white stockings

and her panties. Yep, what all girls should wear to the office every day.

VIDEO: Karen White in white stockings up-skirt

File size: 25Mbit, Duration: 2 mins 44 seconds.

Following  Karen up some steps and she’s wearing a tiny mini-dress,

giving us a great look at her tiny panties and ass cheeks. 

VIDEO: Karen White in white stockings up-skirt

File size: 5Mbit, Duration: 0 mins 29 seconds.

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