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I’ve had an email from the owner of the property where Karen was photographed in the last three pictures above. This is what he said:

“I remember that day very well. I had been paid by other photographers to use my property to photograph models in lingerie photoshoots before, but never, ever, had I met such a sexy young lady as Karen White. 

I recall showing the models into a room where they could prepare and then I showed Simon, the photographer, and his client around my property so they could decide on the places that they wanted to models to pose. 

As we all returned to the changing room, the door opened and out walked Karen, totally naked apart from some high-heel shoes. I stared at her body. She noticed me looking, but didn’t mind.

She said ‘Okay, my make-up is done, what do you want me to wear?’ 

Simon said ‘Karen, you are naked, right in front of the owner of this place. Don’t you care?’

Karen laughed and said ‘I don’t care at all. Lots of men have seen me naked, so what’s one more?’

The client, I believe his name was Dave Turner, turned and quietly said to me ‘Yes, that’s Karen. That’s what she’s like’.

During the day I must have seen Karen naked about five or six times. Whereas all the other models would go back into the room to change, Karen would change outfits in front of anyone who was looking. I know that three painters and decorators who I had working there saw her changing more than once. 

On one occasion as she was taking one outfit off and putting another one on, I saw her deliberately turn to face them, to give them a display of her naked body.

Yes, a very, very sexy lady.”

These images were purchased from Simon L, with the full rights to publish them in any media.