These images were purchased from Simon L, with the full rights to publish them in any media. 

I’ve had an email from the owner of the property where Karen was photographed in the three pictures above here. He told me “I was amazed by how much of an exhibitionist that girl was. I showed all the models into a changing room where they could get ready, then took the photographer and his client around my house to see the rooms that I would let them use for the photography. As we returned to the changing room, the door opened and Karen White walked out.

She was completely naked apart from high-heel shoes and just stood there facing us as we walked towards her. She said something about being ready and what should she wear. The photographer said something like ‘Karen, you are naked in front of the owner of this place’. 

Karen replied ‘I don’t care. Thousands of men have seen me naked, what’s one more?’

During the rest of the day, Karen could be seen getting changed into the different items of lingerie in front of everyone, not caring at all that everyone was looking at her. I had some painters and decorators doing some work in the building and she was changing with them watching her.

All the other models would return to the changing room, but not Karen. 

Okay, she has an amazing figure, but she didn’t seem to be able to resist showing it off, all the time, to anyone who wanted to look at her”.

These images of Karen White partying were purchased from Simon L, with the full rights to publish them in any media. 

And what sort of party this was, I just don’t know. It seems to start off with Karen in a fancy-dress barely-there nurse outfit, showing the guys her tits…..

Then she parades her tits in front of them and dances naked for them….