About this site

First, the necessary legal stuff: 

This is a non-commercial website. It has no revenues, no advertising and no incomes from any source.

It does not contain any hardcore pornography. 

I, Kevin Graves, the owner of this site, have legally purchased the rights to all of the content on this site. I am now freely making this content available to visitors to this site for them to download and share the content, PROVIDED that they do not sell or otherwise make any profit from the material here. The content was purchased from: Ian N, Jeff  S, Dave E, Carl, Simon L and others.  In most cases the content was commissioned to be shot for my use on various websites.

The girls featured on this website are/were professional models who were paid for the pictures  to be shot of themselves.

All girls were over 18 years of age at the time the pictures were shot. 

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Please note, there is no pornography on this site, only tasteful glamour  pictures of beautiful British models. 

Kevin Graves

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