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First, the necessary legal stuff: 

This is a non-commercial website. It has no revenues, no advertising and no incomes from any source.

It does not contain any hardcore pornography. 

I, Kevin Graves, the owner of this site, have legally purchased the rights to all of the content on this site. I am now freely making this content available to visitors to this site for them to download and share the content, PROVIDED that they do not sell or otherwise make any profit from the material here. The content was purchased from: Ian N, Jeff  S, Dave E, Carl, Simon L and others.  In most cases the content was commissioned to be shot for my use on various websites.

The girls featured on this website are/were professional models who were paid for the pictures and videos to be shot of themselves.

All girls were over 18 years of age at the time the pictures were shot. 

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Please note, there is no pornography on this site, only tasteful glamour  pictures and videos of beautiful British models. 

Out of the girls featured here, my favourites are Susanna Francessca and Karen White, mainly because as well as being glamour models, both were strippers, happy to show their bodies off to hundreds or thousands of men. Here is a bit more information about them: 

Susanna Francessca: Susanna worked as a model, posing for professional and amateur photographers in her studio in Warwick, UK and as a stripper, stripping and showing off her body to men in bars and clubs in the Birmingham area of the UK. She appeared in several men’s magazines, spreading her legs and also, in some magazines, spreading her pussy lips, too. She also appeared in several stripping videos, including one porn film as a solo performer, as well as in DVD521 from the Fiona Cooper company. 

Karen White: Karen is a renowned topless model, appearing on many occasions in British newspapers. She is better known for her appearances in men’s magazines, spreading her legs and pussy lips wide apart in solo and girl-girl photo-sets. She also appeared in many videos, such as Karen White Naked, The Top Totty and many Wet and Messy videos. She also worked as a stripper, stripping topless on British television in the Live TV Channel Helen Gibson ‘The Sex Show’ and the Men and Motors channel. It is believed that Karen also worked as a lap-dancer in a club in London, UK, according to a friend of hers, but this has not been verified. 

Kevin Graves

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