About this site

First, the necessary legal stuff: 

I, Kevin Graves, the owner of this site, have legally purchased the rights to all of the content on this site. I am now freely making this content available to visitors to this site for them to download and share the content, PROVIDED that they do not sell or otherwise make any profit from the material here. The content was purchased from: Ian N, Jeff  S, Dave E, Carl, Simon L and others. And many thanks to Steve C.  and Philip S. for permission to publish a few pictures/videos, arranged by a mutual friends some years ago, too. In most cases the content was commissioned to be shot for my use on various websites.

The girls featured on this website are/were professional models who were paid for the pictures and videos to be shot of themselves. All girls were over 18 years of age at the time the pictures and videos were shot. 

Okay, that’s the legal stuff out of the way. Now, a bit about why this site exists:

I used to run a site, along with my brother, based in Japan, that had the content here, plus a lot more of it. Now that the site no longer exists, I have decided to make the pictures and videos  available globally. 

I really admire and respect these two wonderful, beautiful models featured here, for having the courage to expose their bodies, knowing that millions of guys and girls will see and enjoy them. 

Any issues or comments, please email me at:


The girls featured on my Japanese site were all British girls and were complete exhibitionists who love to flaunt their bodies for guys and girls to enjoy.  Out of all the girls who were on the site, the two that I admired the most were Karen White and Susanna Francessca, so this site has been designed around the pictures and videos that those two girls did for me. 

Of all the girls, these two looked like they enjoyed getting naked in front of the video and picture cameras the most. They both looked like they were really enjoying striping their clothes off and flaunting their bodies for the camera, knowing that many thousands of guys and girls would love to see them showing off their beautiful naked flesh. 

And, since one is blonde and the other a brunette, I thought that would be a nice theme to this site.

A bit about the two girls:

As well as being a professional glamour model, appearing in men’s magazines and stripping videos, Susanna Francessca also worked as a stripper, stripping on stage in front of hundreds of guys in pubs and clubs in the Birmingham area of the UK. She also appeared on British television in The James Whale Show, although unfortunately, with her clothes on (apart from on one show, I am told). She also appeared in several published videos where she stripped naked, such as ‘Teenage Video Model Amanda’ and a video produced by the Fiona Cooper Company. 

Karen White also worked as a stripper, making many appearances on the British television channel Live TV, on the Helen Gibson ‘The Sex Show’, where she stripped topless for hundreds of thousands of viewers of  the program. Karen also made many appearances in adult men’s magazines and topless in British newspapers like The Sun. She also appeared in stripping videos such as ‘Karen White Naked’ and also ‘The Full Totty’, where she appeared as a topless nurse and also stripped naked right in front of 6 men.

Well, if you’ve got this far through this site, you deserve a reward, so if you’d like to see videos of some other girls, you can go to a page on this site by clicking HERE to see some girls getting spanked, felt and groped, or HERE for some pussy-show videos. 

Kevin Graves

 Some people like pictures, other people like videos - and some people like true stories. 

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