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Susanna Francessca flashes her pussy as a group of guys watch.

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“Susanna Francessca didn’t mind at all that I’d invited some of my friends to watch the photoshoot. I’d told her it was a shoot for a magazine and that the theme was slutty-girl pussy-flashing. She said ‘Yeah, I can pose slutty. I like having an audience so it’ll be fun to have your friends there, watching  me getting naked’.

On the day of the photoshoot, I told Susanna that I wanted her to flash her pussy right from the first picture. The first image below shows that she hitched her skirt up, pulled her panties down to her thighs and spread her legs. Just look at the smile on her face, knowing that all my friends are having a great look at her pussy crack.

They were saying things like ‘Wow’, ‘That’s great’, and the more they encouraged her, the more she showed them. Half-way through the shoot she said ‘I’m enjoying this. I hope you are too, boys’.

I got all the pictures that I wanted, but, although Susanna had pulled her bra down so a tit and nipple had popped out, and she’d taken her skirt off, I knew my friends would want to see all of her tits, so right at the end, I said ‘Okay Susanna, will you take your blouse and bra off now, and take your panties off too’. She stripped off so all she had on was her stockings, suspender-belt and high-heels. She looked down and realised her long hair was covering her tits up, and she hooked her thumbs into it and pushed it back behind her shoulders. She said ‘That’s better, you can have a better look at my boobs now, can’t you, boys’.

Hell, she got into the most revealing poses possible, laying down on the grass right in front of us and spreading her legs really wide apart, in fact, so wide that her pussy lips opened up a bit, giving up a look at her inner flaps. She lay back so she was resting on her elbows, on the grass with her feet towards us, then she lifted her legs right up in the air, then moved her legs sideways, wide apart. Oh yes, that pretty pussy opened up nicely.

One of the guys said ‘Oh, that’s nice, Susanna’. She said ‘I’m showing a lot, am I? I don’t care how much I show’, and she giggled. She was enjoying them seeing it.

I carried on pretending to take pictures, even though I’d actually run out of film in the camera by that time, but the guys were having a good look at Susanna’s tits and pussy, so I carried on.

At the end of the photoshoot, as I was paying her, she said ‘I know you got all the flashing pictures you wanted early on, and you only got me to take my blouse and bra off was so your friends could see more of my body’.

I said ‘But you didn’t mind, did you? I mean, you carried on posing anyway’.

Susanna laughed and said ‘You’re right, I didn’t mind at all. I love showing it all off in front of guys, so it was fun for me and fun for your friends, too’.

I said ‘You certainly gave them a good look at your bits, between your legs. It really opened up, there’. Susanna said ‘That’s okay. I liked them looking. I used to hold it open for men’s magazing pictures. I don’t do that any more, but if it opens up as I’m posing, then that’s fine. I’m glad it did, today, so they had a good look at me there’.

And, if anyone wonders what Susanna looks like when she spreads it, here are a few pictures:

After Susanna had left, we were talking about the photo-shoot. One of my friends said ‘What a sexy girl Susanna is. She knew her pussy lips had come apart but she didn’t care at all. I’ve seen more of her pussy than I’ve seen of my girlfriend’s’.

Another said ‘I had a boner from the time you took the first picture. She noticed it and smiled a bit. I came so close to cumming in my pants’.

What a fantastic, sexy girl Susanna Francessca is to do slutty-girl pussy-flashing poses”.