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This is a true story about Susanna doing some very sexy, naughty videos where she gets felt-up by some lucky guys. I’d asked the photographer to shoot them for me, not believing that Susanna would want to do them. How wrong I was. She giggles in some of the videos, enjoying having her body felt and fondled. The photographer told me….

“I phoned Susanna, not knowing how she’d react to asking her to do some groping videos. I told her that, since I’d be operating the camera, I couldn’t take part, but I had three friends who I could bring along to take part, if she was okay with that. To my surprise, she agreed straight away. She said ‘Oh, that’d be fun. I mean, I’ll never meet them again. It’s not as though they live round here, is it, so yes, if the money is right, I’ll do it’.

We agreed a price and the following weekend, I drove my car with my friends, to Susanna’s studio. As we parked outside, Susanna was just showing another photographer out of the door at the side of the building. She had on a tiny silk dressing gown, high-heel shoes and by the look of it, nothing else. We walked in the door after her and I introduced her to my friends, Gus, George and Andy. Susanna walked up the steps to the top floor studio. We followed her up the steps.

Well, her dressing  gown was short, in fact so short that we could see right up it. Now we could see that she definitely didn’t have any panties on, and her pussy lips were on show, nicely shaved with her pussy crack very, very visible.

As she got to the top of the steps, she said ‘I know what you’re all looking at, boys’, and giggled. We got into the studio and Susanna made us coffees as I got the videos equipment ready. As I finished I turned back and noticed that Susanna’s dressing gown was open at the top, showing half of her lovely bare breasts. She saw me looking and said ‘What? You’ve seen them before, haven’t you. And your friends are going to see them pretty soon, aren’t they, so there’s no point in me covering them up’.

Knowing how much Susanna loved to flaunt her body, I said ‘Go on then. Pull it open’. Susanna didn’t hesitate. She pulled the top of her dressing gown open, turned to face my friends, and said ‘There you are then, boys’. George, Andy and Gus just stared at Susanna’s bare tits, and said ‘Oh, WOW. Lovely tits, really lovely’. Susanna said ‘Thank you boys, I’d rather you used the word boobs, but thanks anyway’.  

After the coffee, I said ‘Okay Susanna, you’ve seen the email I sent you with the list of videos I need shot today. Which one do you want to start with?’

Susanna said ‘Oh, you guys, you’re going to have fun with my body today, aren’t you. What about the one where one of you pulls my skirt up and feels me, when I’m wearing tights’. (That’s pantyhose, for everyone reading this who isn’t in the UK).

I said ‘That’d be great. What about you, Gus? Would you like a grope of Susanna’s legs?’ He said ‘Hell, oh YES I would’. I couldn’t believe what Susanna did next, as she walked up to Gus, caught hold of his hand and took him off into the changing room. Andy and George watched them go, then Andy said ‘Is she actually going to change, in front of him?’ I said ‘Well, I guess so’. Andy said ‘I hope I get a look at her changing’.  

A few moments later they came back out of the changing room and Gus had a big smile on his face. Susanna said ‘I think Gus enjoyed watching me’. I explained to Susanna and Gus what I wanted and, this is the video we shot, with Susanna giggling as Gus groped her, having a great feel of her ass.

I said to Susanna, ‘What about doing the videos where you get a dress pulled up and you’re in tights (pantyhose) and no panties, then in a short skirt with panties on, next? Maybe Andy would like to do those with you’. Susanna, with a naughty look on her face, looked at Andy and said ‘Would you like to expose my body like that, Andy?’ He said ‘Hell, Susanna, I’d love to’. Susanna caught hold of his hand and took him off to the changing room. When they were gone, Gus whispered ‘He’s going to have fun in there. When I was in there with Susanna she got naked right in front of me and slowly dressed with me watching her. She said to me ‘Are you enjoying what I’m showing off to you?’ Hell, what a sexy girl she is’.

A few moments later they came out of the changing room. Andy had a huge grin on his face. This is the first video that we shot…

Then Susanna took Andy back into the changing room and came out with him to shoot this video…

We had a break and Susanna made some more coffee for us and tea for her. As we were drinking it, I said to Susanna, ‘Is it okay if we do the video next where you get stripped off and your boobs felt?’

Susanna hesitated for a moment, then said ‘I’ve been looking forward to doing this video all week. What about you, George, are you happy to strip me off and grope my boobs?’ She was smiling, knowing what his answer was going to be. She said ‘Come on then George. You can choose a dress that’s easy to strip me out of’ and she took him off to the changing room.

They came out a few minutes later. It was difficult to ignore the large lump that George had in the front of his chinos. Being that Susanna’s studio was on an industrial estate and it was a weekend, then it was pretty quiet there, with only a few companies open. We went outside and round the back of the building was a fairly quiet place where we could shoot the video. I said to Susanna ‘Are you okay about shooting this scene out here?’ She shrugged and said ‘I don’t think anyone will see us, but, really, I don’t care if they do. So what if a few more guys in this world see me naked. Thousands already have’ and she laughed.

I explained to George and Susanna what I wanted the video to look like. We shot it, then Susanna said ‘Rewind it so I can have a look. I don’t think I struggled enough as George stripped me off’. She watched it back, then said ‘Can we shoot it again. You don’t mind having another feel of my boobs, do you, George?’

This is the next clip that we shot….

Susanna watched that clip back and was happier with it, but then she said ‘That was really fun, but, well, I can’t believe I’m offering to do this, but why don’t we shoot it twice more, once with Gus and once with Andy. Then you and Kevin can decide which version he wants for his Japanese website’.

I looked at Andy and Gus. They couldn’t believe their luck at this lovely, sexy girl, offering her tits up to be groped. So, we shot the video with Gus in it, instead of George. Then with Andy stripping and groping her. Susanna watched the videos back and said ‘Yeah… One of those will be fine. I don’t mind which Kevin chooses. They were all fun’. We went back round the building and up into the studio. Susanna had taken her dress right off as we walked round, not caring at all if there were any guys seeing her tits from the windows of nearby buildings.

Then, there was just the spanking video to shoot. Susanna said ‘There’s an office downstairs, in the workshop that’ll be good for that. Let’s shoot it there. Let me bring some outfits with me. She went into the changing room and came back out a moment later with an armful of clothes. She took us down the steps and into the workshop and then into the office. She said ‘Okay, so it’s three different outfits in this video, isn’t it. Let’s do the stockings one first’, and there, right in front of us, she stripped off naked and put the first outfit on.

It was Gus’s turn to do the video and he acted as an annoyed boss, spanking Susanna for poor performance as his secretary, threatening her that if she didn’t agree to be spanked, she’d lose her job. Then Susanna changed her outfit, into a mini-skirt and tights (pantyhose), right in front of us, and we shot it again.

For the third part, Susanna was in a mini-skirt and tiny white panties. Well, I’d talked it through with Gus and Susanna, and she was happy for him to spank her a bit, then for him to pull her panties down to her knees, so her pussy lips would show in the video, then to spank her again.

What none of us had discussed, was what Gus actually did to her. Maybe he got into the nasty boss role too much, but after he’d pulled her panties down, he slid his hand up the inside of her legs, right up to her pussy, and felt it. Susanna didn’t stop him, so, as you can see in the video, he slips a finger up inside her vagina.

Still, she doesn’t stop him. Then, as he tries to get two fingers up her, she giggles and closes her legs. So he goes back to spanking her again.

Here’s the complete video in a three-part compilation.

After I’d turned the camera off, Susanna said to Gus ‘Well, Gus, that was fun, but I wasn’t really expecting you to do THAT to me’.

Gus shrugged and said ‘Yeah, well, Susanna, I’m afraid it just had to be done. You’ve been a real tease all afternoon, you didn’t stop me, and you were really wet up there. So you were up for it, weren’t you’.

Susanna thought for a moment, then said ‘I guess I’ve been flaunting my body off to you all, all afternoon, so yes, I enjoyed myself and it was actually really sexy, what you did to me’.

We went back up into her studio. Susanna made us another coffee, each. She said ‘Is it the video now, where two guys strip me off?’ I said ‘Yes, since Gus has had such fun with you, what about George and Andy doing this one?’

Susanna said ‘Yeah, that’s be fine. I know that I’m supposed to be asleep or drunk and asleep, and they undo my top. Are they going to feel my boobs as well? I mean, I don’t mind if they do’. I said ‘Well, Kevin didn’t ask for that in the video, but I guess at the end they could have a quick grope’. Susanna said ‘Well, yeah, go on then. They can have a feel. They’ve felt my boobs earlier and I liked their hands on me, so, go for it, guys’.

Sorry everyone, here is the video of George and Andy exposing ‘drunk’ Susanna’s tits. But he didn’t include the bit when they groped her lovely breasts, unfortunately…..  

Here’s another version of the video. In this one Susanna is wearing pantyhose with a pretty pair of pink panties on top.

Then, finally, it was the last video. This was of Susanna stripping off, in disguise of a wig and sunglasses, stripping naked and spreading her legs nice and wide, giving us a lovely look at her tits and pussy.

Enjoy, guys. Gus, Andy and George had fantastic fun, groping Susanna’s lovely body that day, and seeing her stripping naked and showing off her pretty pussy….

What a naughty,sexy girl Susanna Francessca is”.


Susanna Francessca getting spanked & fingered in a 3-video compilation.

File size:  50Mb

Duration: 4 mins 09 secs


Gus pulls Susanna’s skirt up and has a good grope of her pantyhose.

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Susanna Francessca has her dress pulled up by Andy, exposing her pantyhose.

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Susanna is grabbed in the street, forcibly stripped and gets her tits groped.

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Andy pulls Susanna’s skirt right up, exposing her tiny black panties

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Drunk Susanna Francessca is sleeping and George and Andy expose her tits and stockings

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Susanna Francessca does a very sexy striptease, spreading her legs wide

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Drunk Susanna Francessca is sleeping and George and Andy expose her tits and pantyhose

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