British glamour model Susanna Francessca

The next few poses that Susanna did were incredible as she exposed more and more of her body for my camera and for the guys to see.  She was smiling in every picture. I said ‘Susanna, you look like you’re really enjoying yourself’. 

She said ‘You know, I really am. This is such fun. It’s always fun having a few men hanging around, just watching me’.

These are the next few pictures I took, and doesn’t she look so happy to be showing herself off……

Then Susanna turned partly sideways on to my camera and knelt down on the ground, made sure her panties were halfway down her thighs and pulled her skirt up above her waist. All 4 of the guys moved together round to the side, and squatted down, so they could get a better look at Susanna’s pussy lips. She looked back at them and giggled. She said ‘Are you having a good look at me from there, boys?’’ Almost as one, they said ‘Oh hell, yeah’. Then one said ‘Oh yeah, the full length of your pussy lips’. Susanna laughed and said ‘Good. I’m  glad I’m showing you what you want to see’. 

Then she stood, pulled her dress down and bent over again, giving them another look at her pussy crack.

Then Susanna said ‘I’ve got an idea for some really revealing pictures I can do for you, for all of you. Come on boys, come back round to the front. I know what you want to see and I’ll show it to you’.

Well, these are the next three pictures that she did. 

She’d not shy at all, is she, pussy nicely on show and a good look at her pussy and her bum-hole, too. 

One of the guys said ‘Hell Susanna, you’re showing such a lot’. Susanna breathed deeply, then said ‘Good. I feel in such a sexy mood with you all looking at me, I want to show you as much as I can’.

These are the poses……

By then I’d got all the pictures that I needed to sell to the magazine that would publish them, but I knew that my friends would want to see more of Susanna. I mean, she hadn’t really got her tits out for us yet. 

I said ‘Susanna, just to finish off, I want you taking the rest of your clothes off now’.

Susanna realised what was going on. She said ‘Yeah, that’s okay. That’s fine. Your friends haven’t seen my boobs properly yet, have they? It’s okay, I’ll strip off for them. You needn’t bother to take any pictures. I  know you’ve got all the ones you need for the magazine’. 

Looking back, I wish I had taken pictures of her. This one, below, is the only one that I took, with Susann’s panties pulled down to show her pussy and her bra pulled down one side to show one tit.

I so wish that I had the rest of the poses that Susanna did. After that picture, above, Susanna took her blouse off and then took her bra off. She looked down and noticed that her long hair was partly covering her tits. She hooked her fingers into it and pushed it back behind her shoulders so her tits were bare. 

She said ‘There you are, boys. You’ve been here for ages and I haven’t shown you my boobs, so here they are for you’.

She stood in different poses for them, pushing her chest out towards them, her bare breasts looking amazing. 

One of the guys said ‘Hell, Susanna, your nipples are really, really erect’. 

Susanna took a deep breath in, then said ‘That’s because they like you all looking at them’. 

Then she pulled her panties right off and said ‘You liked the poses that I was doing before, lying down on the grass, didn’t you. Let me give you a good look at me’.

And she got down on the grass and moved slowly into the most amazing, revealing poses, right there, with 5 guys looking at her.

Then she spread her legs really wide apart and her pussy lips came a little bit open, giving us a nice glimpse of her inner-flaps. She smiled, looking up at our faces. She knew how much she was showing.  And she did open it up a little bit for us.

And, it you don’t think such a beautiful girl would spread her pussy lips for guys to enjoy, here’s a picture from a different photo-set with her doing just that……

At the end of the photo-shoot, I was packing my camera gear away. I glanced over and Susanna was standing with the guys, just in her black stockings, black shoes and suspender-belt (USA - garter-belt), just taking with them, not caring one bit that her tits and pussy were on show and that the guys were talking to her, looking down at her tits way more than at her face. She was just loving being naked in front of those 4 guys. 

About 15 minutes later, Susanna had got dressed and was in my car as I drove her back to her studio. She went quite quiet for a few moments. I said ‘Are you okay, Susanna?’ 

She said ‘You know, that was one of the most fun photo-shoots that I’ve ever done. It felt so good to be exposing my body in front of all those guys. I felt so, so sexy. Their eyes were going all over my body. It was such fun. 

Just to be there on that grass, exposing all of my body, looking up and seeing the faces of 5 men, looking down at me, all of your eyes looking at every part of my body, it was just so, so, sexy.

I feel so, so naughty, but I don’t care’. 

Yes, that’s what happened at the pussy-flashing photo-shoot with the lovely, sexy Susanna Francessca. Isn’t it great that girls are so confident and proud of their figures that they are really happy to show them off to strangers.”

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This is s true story about this photo-shoot, sent to me by the photographer who I bought the pictures from. I believe it to be accurate. Any problems, please email me on: EMAIL ADDRESS

 “I’d booked Susanna for a photo-shoot that I was going to sell to some men’s magazines. When I’d phoned her, I’d said to her ‘Look, I want it to be a really slutty shoot with you flashing your bits right from the first picture, is that okay?’ Susanna said ‘Yeah, sure, I can act slutty’, and she giggled. I said ‘It’s going to be shot in the garden of a friend’s place and he asked if he could watch. Would you mind?’ Susanna said ‘That’d be great. I like an audience. I’ll tell you what, tell him to being a couple of friends along. That’d be fun. Maybe if there’s you and, maybe 4 other men, that would be really fun for me’.         Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. 

One the day I collected Susanna from her studio in Warwick and we drove to my friend’s place. He introduced his friends and I got Susanna to change into some clothes, in my friend’s house.

Susanna walked out into the garden and said ‘Okay, where do you want me’?’ 

I said ‘Okay Susanna, I said that I wanted it to be slutty, right from the first picture, so just pull your panties down your legs, sit on that swing and pull your dress up so you are flashing your pussy at us. 

Susanna didn’t hesitate for a second. She did what I’d asked and as she posed, she had a really sexy, naughty look on her face, knowing she was flashing her pussy to 5 guys, and my camera. 

This is the first picture that I took. Just look at that naughty smile, knowing that 5 guys she’d only just met were having a good look at her pussy………