British glamour model Susanna Francessca

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This is a true story about a photo-shoot that Susanna Francessca did with a photographer in the UK, with pictures and videos from the day.  What a sexy exhibitionist Susanna is !!!

“I’d booked Susanna for a photo-shoot at a friend’s home. He had a few nice old cars and I thought that Susanna would look great, stripping off naked in front of them. I’d phoned Jeff, my friend, to check that everything was okay for the photo-shoot, and he asked me ‘Ummm, I mean, would Susanna mind if I watched the photo-shoot?’. I said ‘Look, she’s a glamour model. She takes her clothes off in front of men all the time. I think that she actually might be offended if you did’t want to watch her getting naked’.

On the day of the photo-shoot, we arrived at Jeff’s place and I introduced her to him. She said ‘It’s so nice to meet you Jeff. What great cars you have. I hope you are going to stay and watch me taking my clothes off in front of them’. 

Jeff looked so, so happy at that. He showed Susanna up the steps into his home to a room where she could change into some modelling clothes. He came back out and said ‘Wow, you were right. I can’t wait to see her get naked’. 

A few moments later Susanna came out of Jeff’s house, walked down the steps. I thought she might have a dress on, but she just had on a red bra, red panties, red fishnet stockings and high-heels. Her body looked amazing.  

I said ‘Wow Susanna, you look fantastic’. She said ‘Well, it’s too warm to be wearing much, and in any case, I think Jeff wants me to get naked in front of him pretty soon, so I didn’t want to wear much to start with’. 

Here are the first two pictures I took of Susanna as she posed in front of one of Jeff’s cars….

After just those first two pictures, Susanna said ‘I’d better take my bra off now, I’m sure Jeff wants to have a look at my boobs’ and she reached behind her back to undo her bra strap. She seemed to be struggling with it, then she said ‘Hey Jeff, give me a hand with this, will you. I can’t get it undone and I’m sure you’ve had lots of experience undoing girls bras’. 

He hesitated for a moment, then stepped up to her. Susanna had turned her back to him and he reached up to the clasp at the back of her bra. I could see his hands were shaking as he started to undo it. He got it undone, and as he did, Susanna turned back to face him, right in front of him. Her bra was still covering her breasts, and she said to him ‘Go on then. Take it off me, You know that you want to’. She had a really lovely, sexy smile on her face. She wanted him to have a good, close look at her tits. 

He reached up and caught hold of her bra straps, on her shoulders. He slowly pulled them down and pulled her bra off her breasts. Susanna was looking up at his face as he exposed her bare breasts, and smiled.

She said ‘There you are. You’ve taken my bra off me and you can look at my boobs now, can’t you’. 

Jeff just looked down at Susanna’s tits. He said ‘Oh wow, Susanna, your tits are lovely’. Susanna laughed and said ‘I’m glad you like them, but I’d rather you said ‘boobs’ rather than tits’. But anyway, I’m glad you like them’. 

Jeff was still standing right in front of Susanna, so close to her tits. For a moment I thought he might reach out and grab hold of them, and you know, if he had, I don’t think Susanna would have stopped him.

After a few more pictures, Susanna said ‘It’s too hot out here in stockings. I’m going back in to change, and she walked back up into Jeff’s house. Jeff said to me ‘Wow, you were right, she loves getting her tits out in front of me, doesn’t she’.

A couple of minutes later, Susanna came out of Jeff’s house. Hell, all she had on was a tiny white g-string, white high-heels and nothing else.  As she walked down the steps from Jeff’s place, her titties jiggled up and down. She looked at them, then looked at us. She said ‘You liked that didn’t you, boys, seeing my boobies bouncing around.  That’s okay. I don’t mind. I put on a bit of a show for you there, bouncing my boobies for you’. 

Susanna’s body looked amazing. Here are the next 4 pictures that I took of her…..

Then Susanna said ‘Well, Jef, I’ve given you a good look at my boobies, and you’ve ween waiting so patiently too see me take my g-string off, so here you are.’, and she stepped out of her g-string and threw it to him. He caught it and said ‘Owww, Susanna, it’s so warm from being at your pussy’. Susanna laughed. 

Here’s the next picture that I took….

Okay, so now Susanna had shown her naked body off to Jeff. I really, really wish that I could show you the next 10 or 12 pictures, but I promised Susanna that I never would.  But, I can tell you about them…

Susanna said to me ‘We talked about me doing some men’s magazine poses, didn’t we, so I’d better do some’. (Actually, we hadn’t talked about that at all, but Susanna just seemed very keen to show her pussy off to Jeff, so I didn’t say anything). I’ve never seen her wanting to show her intimate bits off in front of someone she’s only known for maybe 45 minutes before, but she squatted down, with her back to Jeff’s car and spread her leg wide apart. 

She said to Jeff ‘There you are, that’s what you really want to see, isn’t it’, and as she opened her legs really, really wide apart, her pussy lips opened up, giving us a lovely look at her pink inner flaps. Jeff moved closer to Susanna, and squatted down to get a better look at her pussy, as I took picture after picture. 

Jeff said ‘That’s so, so pretty Susanna. I don’t know if you know how much you’re showing, but it’s so, so beautiful’. Susanna stayed there and spread her legs even wider open for him, to show him her pussy hole, and said ‘That’s nice. Go on, look at it. I want you to see it’. She let him look, then stood up, smiled at both of us and said ‘That was fun, really fun. I enjoyed showing it to you’. 

Susanna stood, naked in front of us, not caring at all that our eyes were going up and down, all over her naked flash. She was really enjoying us looking at her tits and pussy.

Then Jeff said ‘Susanna, look, I bought  a new video camera last week. I’ll pay you, of course, but what about you doing a strip video for me.’  Susanna said ‘Oh I”d love to. Let me go and put a different outfit on’. She did and came out of Jeff’s house a few minutes later. This is the strip video that she did for him, by one of his cars…… (23Mb, 2 mins 15 seconds).

After she’d done the strip vides, he said ‘I wish I’d invited my friends up here, to see you stripping. That was fantastic’. Susanna said ‘Are they close by? I’d love to do a strip in front of them’. Jeff said ‘Yeah, they’ll all be in the local bar at this time. I could phone one of them and they’d all be here in 10 minutes’. 

Susanna didn’t hesitate. She said ‘Oh yeah, I’d love to do that. Ge them here. I know, you liked the red bra, panties and fishnet stockings that I was wearing earlier. I’ll start off in those and do a strip for you all’

Jeff phoned his friends. Within 15 minutes they’d all arrived and Susanna had changed into the red bra, red panties and red fishnets that she’d worn at the begining of the photo-shoot and had put a dress on top. 

And here’s the video that my friend Jeff shot of Susanna Francessca, stripping naked in front of his friends.

Enjoy guys, everyone else did, seeing the lovely Susanna Francessca stripping naked in front of Jeff’s friends. They were mostly pretty drunk and they sound it…….(70Mb, 7 minutes, and very sexy…)

As you watch and download the video, just remember that there are about 10 drunk guys, just out of camera-shot, all watching Susanna as she exposes her tits and pussy to them. You can tell by the sexy smile on her face just how much she’s enjoying showing her body off to them. 

Susanna is so confident about her body as she flashes her naked flesh for those guys - and you - to enjoy”.