British glamour model Susanna Francessca

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“Before the photo-shoot, Susanna had asked if I could bring a couple of friends with me to watch. We got to her studio and I introduced her to Jeff and George. Susanna went into the changing room, came out in this outfit and started to pose…..

Then Susanna looked at my friends and said ‘Guys, you’ll get a better look at me if you move over to the left side of me’. They did and Susanna lifted her legs up and pulled her g-string up her legs, showing them her pussy. Then she lay on one side and opened her legs for them Jeff said ‘Oh hell, yeah girl, that’s a pretty pussy you got there’.

Then Susanna said ‘I’d better show you my boobs now’, and she pulled her bra down for one picture then took it off and went on all fours, letting them see her pussy lips from behind her. Then she lay on her back and spread her legs wide. George said ‘Wow Susanna, you’ve got beautiful tits and pussy’. Susanna giggled and said ‘That’s nice. I’m glad you like my body. I’m really enjoying you looking at me’.

Over the next few minutes, Susanna got into the most revealing poses, making sure my camera, and my two friends, got some great looks at her tits and her pussy, spreading her legs really wide for us.

Towards the end of the photo-shoot, Susanna looked at George and Jeff and said ‘Any particular poses that you like, boys?’ Jeff said  ‘Oh yes please. Just lie on your back and open your legs, so I can see the full length of your pussy-crack’ Susanna did, in the first picture below. Then George said ‘Oh, for me, get down on your hands and knees with your bak to us and spread your legs. Susanna did that pose for him, lin the second picture below. George said ‘Ah yeah, you’ve come open a bit there’. Susanna smiled and said ‘I don’t care. I don’t care how much I show you’.

And, sure enough, in the final picture above, Susanna’s pussy lips had come open a bit and a little bit of her inner-flaps are poking through. She didn’t mind at all and let my two friends have a good, close look”.

What a lovely exhibitionist Susanna Francessca is.