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Melanie Walsh stripping videos

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Melanie Walsh in a changing room, getting naked trying on different clothes.

File size:  77Mb

Duration: 3 mins 38 secs


Melanie Walsh does a very nice strip, stripping to just her stockings and heels

File size:  165Mb

Duration: 3 mins 43 secs


Melanie Walsh poses topless for a photographer with those pretty breast on show.

File size:  32Mb

Duration: 3 mins 03 secs


Melanie Walsh does another very sexy striptease, but only topless.

File size:  81Mb

Duration: 5 mins 10 secs

This is a true story about the lovely Melanie Walsh. I was in Lanzerote in The Canary Isles, some years ago and I noticed a night club of some sort down some steps. I went in and got a drink at the bar. Then I saw Melanie Walsh at the other side of the club. I talked to the barman and asked if it really was Mel. He told me it was and that for 20 Euros, she’d do a lap-dance for me.

He beckoned Melanie over and she led me to a roped-off area, sat me down and started to gyrate in such a sexy manner, right in front of me. Pretty soon she took her top and bra off, and there were those lovely breasts that I had enjoyed so much on Page 3, bare, right in front of me.

Melanie moved them so, so close in front of my face, with her breasts and nipples right in front of me. It was so tempting to lick and suck them.  Then she took her skirt off. Underneath she had on an almost completely transparent white g-string. She said ‘Sorry, but the club rules mean I can’t take this off for you’, then she lifted one foot up and put it on the seat, beside my knees.

The g-string material between her legs was so thin and transparent, that her pussy lips were totally visible through it. I said ‘That’s no problem, I can see everything between your legs through the material anyway’. Melanie laughed and said ‘Good. The club makes these stupid rules to say that I can’t take my g-string off, so I bought some transparent ones to give all the boys a good show’. She looked around and said ‘There’s no one else in here and the barman isn’t looking’ and she opened her legs really wide. And, yes, I saw Melanie Walsh’s pussy lips, with a little bit of pink inner-flaps poking out between them, and those lovely bare tits, so close to me. What a lovely, sexy girl. Oh, yeah, I paid her the 20 Euros and tipped her another 20, for showing me her pussy’.

Here are some pictures from the club…..

About and More Girls Melanie_Walsh_Topless_Strip.wmv

Melanie Walsh does another very sexy striptease, again only topless.

File size:  71Mb

Duration: 2 mins 45 secs