Ayres Rock

More correctly, called Uluru, in the hot centre of the continent, with changing colours during the day


Sydney Opera House. Also here are images of Perth and many other locations around the country

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Sydney Harbour Bridge, early one morning. The Opera House with fireworks and the city, viewed from the water.

The beautiful city of Perth, western Australia, viewed from Kings Park, and Sorrento, on the west coast, where there’s a great coffee place at the end of the jetty.

The way the colour of Uluru (Ayres Rock) changes during the day is fascinating. Early morning and at evenings are the best colours.

A remote island, flying from Sydney, north to Cairns.

The amazing Bloomfield Lodge, Queensland (sadly closed as at 2020), showing the jetty, one of the lodges and the view out over Weary Bay.


Crocodiles sunning themselves on the Bloomfield River. Not all the wildlife is as dangerous.

The Blue Mountains, viewed from Echo Point. The Three Sisters are in the foreground in the last picture.