First class travel

Emirates suite

This is an Emirates Airlines first class suite, on board one of their A380 jets. See below for more pictures

Singapore Airlines

A Singapore Airlines first class suite on one of their A380 aircraft. Please see below for more information

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Inside an Emirates Airlines first class suite, a look at the help-yourself bar and one of the two on-board shower rooms, on their A380 jet.

Emirates first class suites cabin, then a Singapore Airlines cabin with doors and blinds open, then a Virgin Airlines upper class cabin.

The Emirates Airlines first class lounge in Dubai, the Singapore Airlines ‘Private Room’ in Singapore and the Virgin Airlines upper class lounge at Gatwick (UK).

Looking inside the Emirates first class suite with doors open, then the same with Singapore Airlines, then British Airways first class seats on a 747 aircraft.

Two images of Emirates Airline meals in first class suites and a mean in a British Airways first class cabin.


Flying by private jet from Luton (UK) to Paris (France). The Cessna Citation XLS aircraft, the cabin interior and champagne, all the way.

Some views from first class seats, taken around the world.