About this site

About me

I really don’t like writing about myself, but if you’ve found this site, I guess I owe you that.

I have asked myself if I’ve built this site to boast about all the places in the world I’ve been to and that I’ve been able to fly first class and by private jet. Or maybe I’m just proud of the pictures I’ve taken and that I just want to share them with other people. Or maybe it’s about both of those reasons.

And, I suppose I’m proud of being successful enough in my life to have flown first class about 60 times, at my expense, (not paid for by any company) and stayed in some iconic hotels around the world.

I’m proud to have achieved being a senior manager in a multinational telecommunications company, of having the professional qualifications MBA, MIN, I.Eng., MIEIE. And I’m proud to have been married (and divorced) to two beautiful girls.

But the thing I’m most proud of is to have had a wonderful, highly intelligent, beautiful friend. Her initials are LK and I truly love her as a friend. I won’t include a picture of her here in case she minds, but she is incredibly beautiful and a really, really wonderful person. She has brought the happiness of a wonderful friendship to my life that I never expected to have.

I’m certain that some people, reading this, will think of me as arrogant and having spent money on myself that could have gone to charities to benefit less fortunate people - and that might have some truth and reason.

I hope some of the people who visit this site, at least like some of the pictures I’ve taken from around the world.

One final thing: there are two people in this world that I really admire and respect. One is my friend, initials LK, as mentioned above. The other is Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton.  

Also, there’s a wonderful friend that I had called Sophie. Here she is…

She was a crazy girl, totally mad, but really affectionate to me. She did hate my second ex-wife, Sarah, (like I did in the end). Sophie lived a happy and very long life, and I still miss her company, many years later.

Some pictures of places where I’ve lived and views of them, from them and around them….


Also, for two years, I lived in Fawsley Hall Hotel. Here are a few pictures of the wonderful place.

Arriving by helicopter…. The Great Hall.... One of the suites.

Congratulations to my hero, Sir Lewis Hamilton on becoming a 7 times Formula 1 world champion in 2020 and knighted in the 2021 New Year Honours list. Amazing achievements.